Living Arrows 47/52 (2017)

I ended last week’s post by saying that I hoped the school runs would be dryer this week, and that Toby had done really well and hadn’t cried going into school at all. On the whole the school runs were less wet I think but on Thursday we got absolutely soaked walking to school, which ended up with Toby in hysterics because he was so wet! Luckily he had some spare trousers at school but I have learned a lesson – waterproof trousers and wellies are needed on wet school runs!

On Wednesday though it was a lovely day and so after we’d dropped Toby off I got Gabe out of the buggy and he walked all the way home. It meant a 10 minute walk actually took us three quarters of an hour! We weren’t in any rush though so I just thought why not? Gabe had insisted on bringing his toy train on the school run (as you do) but then that meant that when he fell over (as he often does) he also had to contend with the trains and ended up grazing his knee too.

This photo was taken pre-fall though, and before we’d had any tears…

Gabe playing with his train on the school run

Gabe’s big achievement this week though was that he actually went in the pool and joined in with his Puddle Ducks lesson on Friday. After three weeks of screaming I was starting to lose hope that he would ever even get in the water but Friday was a massive breakthrough. I’m really really hoping it carries on the same way from now on.

Apart from the getting wet incident Toby had another good week at school, and at his swimming lesson on Wednesday too. On Saturday morning though he woke up just before 6 am saying he felt sick. He did a couple of dry heaves over the toilet, got in our bed for half an hour then was a little bit sick in a bowl. He then went back to sleep for another hour and a half. When he got up he had a drink of water and when that came back up 20 minutes later I thought we were in for an awful day. But he wasn’t sick again and hasn’t been since. He wasn’t quite himself yesterday and hasn’t eaten much today but at least we got away without too much vomit! Apparently there’s a bug going round school, which would explain it, but it’s strange that he was sick last Saturday too.

Anyway, he seems to have recovered and so far none of the rest of us have been sick either so fingers crossed that’s the end of it. It was rubbish timing though – I was supposed to be taking the boys to my friend Claire’s on Saturday to get them out of the way of Barry and my Dad who have been painting our hall and stairs all weekend. Of course I didn’t want to pass anything on so we couldn’t go, so we’ve spent quite a lot of time at Grandma’s house this weekend instead.

Toby’s Living Arrows picture this week was just taken at home – this doesn’t look like the face of a boy who was being sick a few hours earlier does it?!

Toby sticking his tongue out and pulling a silly face


Living Arrows

9 thoughts on “Living Arrows 47/52 (2017)

  1. We got struck by the winter sick bug but thankfully J vomited once and that was it! We have had emotional problems with J and tears this week too – it’s been so hard #LivingArrows

  2. I absolutely love your photo of Toby this week! I am glad he is feeling better, there seems to be so many winter bugs going around this year. Its good to hear that Gabes happier with his swimming lesson, fingers crossed it continues. I’ve started letting Ava walk on the school run, instead of my carrying her in the carrier – because she is really heavy now! It is brilliant for sleepier bedtimes, but it does make the walk last much longer!

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