Living Arrows 46/52 (2017)

Toby was back at school this week after half term, and Gabe was back at preschool so we were back to the daily routine of school runs, reading books, and two tired boys. In fact Toby was apparently so tired coming back from school the other day that he had to hitch a ride in the buggy basket!

He was only pretending to be asleep though…

Toby pretending to be asleep in the buggy basket

He’s had a good week back at school though – he completed his first sticker reward chart which meant he got a surprise from his teacher’s special box (a little pop up tiger toy if you’re interested) and a certificate from the Head Teacher too. I’m so pleased with how he’s getting on at school. We’ve not had any drama going into the classroom this last week either which is good – I was slightly worried the tears might make a return after the break in routine but so far so good.

Gabe had his 27 month check with the Community Nursery Nurse this week too and he passed with flying colours (I know it’s not really a test, but there were no areas for concern). I did make sure he was doing some jigsaws when she arrived, rather than playing on the tablet and watching Dino Dan on repeat which is often what he does in the afternoons, but she was very impressed with his jigsaw abilities, and with his speech too so that’s good to hear.

This week’s Living Arrows picture of Gabe is another one taken in front of the garage door. He had this hat last winter and I’m so glad it still fits – he looks so cute with that massive bobble!

Gabe posing in front of the garage door in his hat with a massive bobble on top

He’s been a bit grumpy this weekend but I think it might be his teeth bothering him again – one of his back molars has definitely come through some more in the last few days so I would imagine that’s the problem. I was away on Friday night and Saturday at a Mumsnet event and he was a superstar by all accounts. He even slept all night on Friday! And he was really good in the car on Saturday morning – Toby was sick when Barry was taking them up to see his mum but apparently Gabe was really well behaved and sat quietly while Barry got him cleaned up. They never did make it to see their Nana but Toby was fine straight after – we think it was just car sickness. At least it’s not a bug but I’m really hoping that throwing up in the car isn’t going to become a regular thing!

Anyway, I think that’s all for this week’s Living Arrows, I’m not sure what we’re going to be up to this week  – I just hope the school runs are a bit dryer than they were last week!



Living Arrows

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 46/52 (2017)

  1. I think that it’s maybe the age for molars, Ava has some cutting through too. Gabe looks so grown up in this photo this week, and I absolutely love his hat! I agree with Toby, Id love to have a ride and a nap on the school run, it feels like twice as much work with the cold and miserable weather!

  2. Gabe looks so grown up there and I love the hat – also love the garage door. You’re officially a proper blogger now 😉 So pleased that Toby is doing so well at school and that reminds me so much of when Athena used to hitch a lift too! x

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