Siblings // Toby and Gabe in December (2018)

I can’t believe we’re here with the last Siblings post of the year already! This last part of the year has just gone super fast. Everything with Toby and Gabe is pretty much the same as always… They play, they fight and at the end of the day they still really love each other.

There are a few arguments that seem to resurface regularly between Toby and Gabe. One particular issue that seems to end in tears every morning is that when we get to Toby’s school he likes to run across the playground and into his classroom. But Gabe doesn’t like it so ends up shouting ‘Toby come back’ and crying. It drives me crackers!

This month’s Siblings pictures were all taken on a day when we didn’t have to do the school run. After our weekend in London when everyone had been ill, I kept the boys off school and nursery for a day. Toby was still within his 48 hours of being ill so needed to stay off, and Gabe had woken up with a nasty cough and a temperature.

So instead of school we stayed at home and put the Christmas tree up. There was a bit of squabbling but mostly the boys were both quite helpful. Gabe wasn’t that keen on having a cuddle in this picture…

Gabe doesn't look to happy about his brother's cuddle

Look how much Toby is making him smile just 10 seconds later though…

Toby making Gabe laugh

And I have no idea what they were doing here! I think I’d asked them to sit in front of the tree so I could take a picture, Toby decided to stick his foot in front of his face instead and of course Gabe just had to copy him!

Silly siblings at Christmas

They are cute together sometimes though. I love this one of them looking at the tree together…

Toby and Gabe admiring the Christmas tree

And the last picture for this month, and for the year in fact, is this one of the boys posting their letter to Father Christmas. We used the Royal Mail service but were quite close to the deadline for posting. So we’re waiting to see if they get a reply (although the boys don’t know it’s a possibility so they won’t know any different if they don’t!)

Brothers posting their letter to Father Christmas


I’ll be back with another Siblings post next year and in the meantime you can check out the rest of my Siblings posts here.


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