Siblings // Toby and Gabe in December (2017)

So here we are in December and we’ve made it to the end of another year of Siblings posts, even if I did miss out a few months at the start of the year! I’m a couple of days late with this month’s post though – which is partly because I didn’t really have any pictures of Toby and Gabe, but also because I couldn’t think of anything very positive to say!

After a few months of saying how well Toby and Gabe have been getting on lately this last month has been a bit of a nightmare. The fighting and arguing seems to have ramped back up a notch, and I have to say it’s mostly down to Gabe! Now he can talk he has realised he can shout ‘mine, mine’ whenever Toby has something he wants, at the same time as trying to grab whatever it is back off him.

Toby and Gabe posting their letter to Father Christmas

Of course even with all the fighting they still love each other and actually a lot of the time they are lovely together. They both enjoyed writing their letters to Father Christmas earlier in the month and posting them too.

Gabe still thinks his brother is the best person ever, and I love it when I capture him looking at Toby with such adoration on his face. And Toby loves nothing more than trying to make Gabe laugh…

Gabe thinks his brother is the best thing ever

I did try and get a nice picture of them in front of the Christmas tree but this was about the best I managed…

Toby and Gabe with the Christmas tree

It is almost impossible to get a nice picture of these two together these days – it’s hard enough to get them on their own. This one did make me laugh though – Toby has got his big toe in his mouth, and Gabe is trying to copy Toby’s face pulling antics from earlier.

Toby and Gabe with the Christmas tree

And lastly for this month I always like to include one of the pictures from the start of the year in the last post, it’s amazing how much they change at this age, especially Gabe…

Brothers eating breakfast together

So that’s it for another year of the Siblings Project – I’ll see you back here for a new year in January.


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