Living Arrows 51/52 (2017)

And so we are heading into our final week of term (yep, Toby doesn’t break up until Friday so we’ve got a whole week to go). The nativity has been and gone – Toby made an excellent cow, and there’s just school and pre-school Christmas parties to go.We are definitely all ready for another break though. I’m having to wake Gabe up every morning at the moment and on Saturday when I left him he slept until 10 to 9! Everyone is exhausted and overly emotional, the boys are both having meltdowns left, right and centre, and basically we all need to spend a couple of weeks relaxing, wearing pyjamas all day and watching Christmas telly.

This week’s Living Arrows pictures were just quick ones I took on Saturday morning after breakfast. I was actually trying to take some photos of the boys together for this month’s Siblings post but I took these ones too.

Gabe and his cheeky chops

When I started my weekly Living Arrows posts almost four years ago I said in the very first one that Iwanted to start learning how to use Barry’s DSLR camera – I had no idea how to do anything except point and shoot (and I wasn’t even very good at that!) I think my photography has definitely come a long way in the last four years, I use quite a lot of the manual settings on the camera now, and just in the last few weeks I’ve finally started shooting in RAW and doing more than just using the auto adjustments in Photoshop.

I still use my phone a lot of pictures but I’m so glad that I started this blog when Toby was small and I have so many lovely pictures of both my boys, and such a wonderful record of the first few years of their lives. I keep meaning to get some of the best ones printed in a photo book – maybe one of these days I’ll actually have enough time to do it!

Anyway, excuse my waffle… here’s Toby’s picture for this week too. I managed to grab this one just before he put his toe back in his mouth!

Toby looking suspiciousAnd that’s it for this week. I’ll be back next week with the final installment of Living Arrows for 2017 – even though it will be Christmas Day!

Living Arrows

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  1. Lovely photos of both the children. I got a new camera for Christmas so need to have a play around and learn about the different settings.

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