Review: Trespass Edwin men’s waterproof jacket

Living in Scotland we are always in need of good waterproof jackets – you just never know what the weather is going to do up here! I have a coat from Trespass that I wear almost every day (and it still goes over my baby bump just about), so when Trespass got in touch and asked if we’d like to review something from their website I decided I would give the honour to Barry and let him get a new coat to try out (and try out some of his catalogue poses for the photos too!).

Trespass Edwin

He chose the Edwin men’s waterproof jacket in khaki (RRP £149.99, currently £49.99 on the Trespass website). This coat is rated as TP100 which means it has the highest technical specification that Trespass offer. It is waterproof to 10000mm, breathable to 5000mvp and is also windproof and has taped seams which prevent rain from entering the jacket through the stitching. The adjustable hood is removable and the coat has 3 outer zipped pockets and two inside pockets.

Trespass Edwin men's waterproof jacket

I’ll hand you over to Barry now so he can tell you what he thinks of his new Trespass jacket…

The outer material is waterproof, though I haven’t been caught in rain heavy enough to really test this, and the lining is thick and warm enough for typical chilly mornings without feeling heavy. All the seams and zips are cleanly stitched, which should further add to the waterproofing.

The hood is snug and can be detached easily, and there are plenty of pockets for everyday use. The standard exterior pockets are deep enough, though perhaps could use slightly wider openings for bigger handed customers. There are also pockets beside the zip and in the inside lining, for waterproof storage.

Trespass Edwin jacket

The only problem I had with the coat was the initial stiffness of the exterior fabric. Bending over would cause the material around the waist to crumple and poke out in unusual rigid folds. However after a few weeks of occasional wear the material has softened a lot and the effect is already far less obvious.

This really is only a minor niggle, to be honest. Overall, this is a comfortable and well-constructed coat and I’m sure it’ll get a lot of wear throughout the coming year.

**Disclosure: We were sent the Trespass Edwin men’s waterproof jacket in return for this review. All opinions are our own.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Trespass Edwin men’s waterproof jacket

  1. I know this review is years old now, but I am wondering, did you ever test the jacket in heavy rain? I did, as I *had to* walk to the pub in an absolutely torrential Welsh downpour. The walk took half an hour.
    To be clear, this was an extreme test! Most people would not be walking in such conditions. It’s hard to say how the jacket performed because I was wet on my chest, but that was from the rain entering the hood/face area and seeping down. I think my shoulders, arms and back were fairly dry, but perhaps a little damp.
    At the point I walked in the pub, the I was totally dripping wet. The jacket felt heavy with water and I hung it up by the fire. I sat there for about…… 3 pints. At the point of leaving the jacket was very definitely not dry and it was still heavy. Even the next day, being hung up indoors (in no doubt damp air) it hadn’t totally dried. So, while the waterproof seemed to hold up well enough, the quickness of drying would be my major concern with this jacket.

    1. My husband has certainly been out in heavy rain and stayed dry as far as I know – I don’t know if it was quite as torrential as you experienced though! I don’t think he’s had any problems with drying it either. He’s still wearing it now so it’s lasted well too.

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