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I haven’t really mentioned it for a while but I use cloth nappies full time with both Toby and Gabe. Toby started wearing cloth when he was about 7 weeks old and Gabe has been in them since he was just 3 days old. Having used cloth nappies for over two and a half years now we’ve worked out which ones work for us and of course we have our favourites. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like to try out a new nappy every now and again, especially when it’s new to the market. So when the people at Tickle Tots got in touch and asked if we’d like to try one of their nappies I was delighted to say yes.

Tickle tots

The Tickle Tots is an all in one nappy, meaning you can put it on as it is without the need for any extra covers or boosters. It has an absorbent core made from four layers of bamboo fleece terry which is part of the nappy. What is quite nifty about this nappy though is that it also has a pocket at the back meaning you can also add a booster if your little one needs extra absorbency, and I like the fact that a booster is included with the nappy. You can also use the pocket to turn the nappy inside out to help it dry more quickly.

Tickle tots features

This is a birth to potty nappy so it has poppers on the front to adjust the rise, and the velcro closure allows the tabs to be crossed for tiny babies. There are laundry tabs to stop the velcro sticking to other things in the wash and after a few weeks of use on both my boys the velcro seems to be holding up well so far.

Another great feature of the Tickle Tots nappy is its double gusset on the legs – which basically gives extra protection to avoid any leaks. It is especially helpful on smaller babies or those with skinny legs. The nappy also has a stay dry lining (although as we always use fleece liners I haven’t really tested that out).

Tickle tots Toby

I’ve been using the Tickle Tots nappy on both Toby and Gabe. Toby, at two and a half and 32lb wears the nappy on the largest rise but because he’s so skinny the velcro is still closed fairly tight. With the booster the nappy lasted about 3 hours on Toby which is about what I would expect. He did manage to leak out of it after a couple of hours on one occasion but then he does tend to do massive toddler wees these days and we can get leaks out of all his nappies sometimes!

Tickle tots toddler bum

Gabe, at six months and about 17lb wears the Tickle Tots nappy on the middle rise. Again, with the booster the nappy lasts about 3 hours which is what I would expect. I haven’t tried the nappy overnight with either boy as we tend to stick to two parters at night time but I think it would need quite a lot of extra boosting if it was going to last all night.

Tickle tots Gabe

Overall I really like the Tickle Tots nappy. It is very slim fitting, even with the booster which is great. It fits well on both my boys, although I will say it’s not as long as some other nappies and so I’m not sure how much longer Toby would comfortably fit in it. It has lots of great features as I’ve already mentioned.

Tickle tots baby bum

The only slight negatives for me are to do with the material of the absorbent core and booster. This bamboo terry seems quite dense, which I guess is how it can be so absorbent whilst still being slim fitting, but this means that when it is wet it gets quite rigid and stiff. It also makes adjusting the poppers on the front of the nappy a bit tricky. The nappy is also quite slow to dry – it took almost a day and a half on the airer in our kitchen. It can be tumble dried though and in the dryer takes about the same amount of time as our other bamboo nappies.

These are only minor niggles though and generally I think this is a great nappy, especially perhaps for those who are new to cloth nappies as it is so easy to use. The Tickle Tots nappy has an RRP of £16.99 which is fairly standard for an all in one nappy. They are available direct from Tickle Tots or from a variety of other nappy retailers.


**Disclosure: I was sent the featured product in return for this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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