Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (January 2019)

I’m late again with my Me & Mine post – and I have to admit that I’m a cheating again with this one. I only have one picture of us all together, and it was taken yesterday, so not even in January at all! The other thing about this photo is that it doesn’t really represent the month for us at all.

After our walk on New Year’s Day that I mentioned in last month’s Me & Mine post we have hardly done anything at all other than work and go to school, nursery and swimming lessons. We have basically hibernated! I’ve read 5 books, we’ve played an awful lot of LEGO Jurassic Park on the PlayStation, and we have all been ill with coughs and colds!

Other than that we really haven’t done much at all. I did go to London for a day to see Hamilton which was awesome! And although it was a bit of an expensive day out I love that London is totally doable in a day from where we live now.

Toby went to a school friend’s birthday party in the middle of the month and surprised me with his confidence at soft play (he went down the big slide after being scared of them for the last few years!), and he’s been doing really well at school. We’ve not had any tears at all this term which I have been very grateful for.

Talking of not crying – Gabe has been much more settled at nursery this term too. He seems to have made a few close friends now and so is happy to go and see them. When I dropped him off the other day, instead of clinging to me and crying like he has been doing for months, he ran off to give his friend a cuddle then off they went holding hands without a backwards glance! It definitely makes my mornings easier without all the upset that we were having before.

Anyway, as I mentioned this month’s picture was taken yesterday – we decided we really needed to get out of the house and do something so we went to play crazy golf (at The Flower Bowl at Barton Grange for anyone who is local). It’s undercover, but not actually enclosed, so it was pretty cold. We all really enjoyed it though. It was the first time the boys have played crazy golf but they did really well. It was quite expensive so I don’t know that we’ll be doing it regularly but I’d definitely take them again (maybe we’ll wait until it’s a bit warmer next time!)

I actually did something I hardly ever do and asked someone else to take a picture of us. Apart from Toby not looking at the camera and doing his ‘I’m smiling’ face it’s actually a pretty good one…

Me & Mine January 2019 - the family playing Crazy Golf

We’ve got half term coming up in a couple of weeks, and a trip to Yorkshire for my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday celebrations, so I’m hopefully I’ll actually manage to get a February Me & Mine picture taken in the right month for a change! So until next month….


This is the sixth year of taking Me & Mine family portraits every month. You can see all the rest of the posts here.






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