Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (August 2020)

The boys went back to school today, September is upon us and hopefully we are heading back to something close to normal. But before we head into Autumn proper it’s time for me to share a little bit about what we got up in August along with some new family photos.

August was mostly about the work on our garden. It meant we couldn’t really use it all month but it was great watching it all take shape. All the landscaping work is finished now so the boys can get out and play, and we (well, mostly Barry) can make a start on filling all the space with plants.

I promise I will do a full post about the garden soon and show you some more pictures. For now though, here’s a snap of us all standing on the steps that go down through the middle.

Family photo in our garden

And because you can’t really see us on that picture, here’s a close up too…

Me & Mine August 2020

We didn’t spend the whole month at home though. We got away for another couple of days camping too. We stayed in the South Lake District so we could go and see Barry’s parents while we were there.

Gabe had his 5th birthday while we were away as well. He enjoyed having a tent birthday, and a campsite was a great place to try out the new walkie talkies that my brother gave him.

Other than our camping trip though, and a couple of swimming lessons, we have mostly spent the month at home watching TV, playing on the Switch and generally just chilling out. I definitely think the boys will be struggling a bit with having to concentrate all day at school today!

It’s not quite the summer holidays any of us expected but we survived and even managed to enjoy most of it. September of course is all about being back at school, but it’s Barry’s birthday this month too, and we’re going out for a meal on our own for the first time possibly even this year!

I hope you managed a good summer, and that everything goes well with the return to school for your children too. Until next month then…

This is my seventh year of taking Me & Mine family portraits. You can see all the rest of the posts here.

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