Living Arrows 5/52 (2019)

We have finally made it to February after what seemed like the longest month ever! We are all still a bit ill but after hibernating for most of January we really needed to get out somewhere this weekend. It was actually lovely and sunny on Saturday but still very cold so we decided to go and play crazy golf.

The boys have never played crazy golf before so we weren’t sure how it was going to go. We went to one which has only recently opened at The Flower Bowl (part of Barton Grange garden centre for anyone who is local). It’s undercover so can still open if it’s raining but it’s not actually enclosed so it was still pretty freezing!

Gabe playing crazy golf with a little help from Daddy

The course was really good and not too difficult either. They both needed quite a lot of help (Gabe especially) but they really enjoyed themselves. It was quite busy so it got a bit stressful when there were people waiting behind us (and we let one group of men go past us as it was easier) but on the whole it was a fun way to spend an hour.

It was expensive (£35 for the four of us) so I don’t think we’ll be going to this one again very soon but at least we know the boys like it so we can venture a bit further afield next time.

Toby playing crazy golf


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10 thoughts on “Living Arrows 5/52 (2019)

  1. I keep thinking about taking my two to crazy golf but the costs keeps putting me off, it looks like your boys had a good time though. It’s hard to think of places to go in the winter months I find, we usually try and find a local park or gardens just to break the cabin fever. Hope you are all feeling better soon x #livingarrows

  2. Oh that looks like such great fun! My two don’t seem to have the patience for crazy golf. It looks like they had fun though. £35 seems a lot!! Mind you we only ever play when we are on holiday so it probably feels a bit cheaper abroad. I guess that must be the going rate now xx

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