Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (June 2020)

I am back with another Me & Mine post although in this lock down life we’re living we haven’t really been up to much this month! Despite the rules easing a bit over the last month we haven’t really done anything differently – well not until this last week when Gabe went back to school, more on that in a minute though!

I mentioned in my post last month that I had bought a selfie stick because we never seem to get round to setting up the tripod to take proper family pictures. We really haven’t been anywhere this month so our Me & Mine photo this month is just one taken outside our house yesterday evening.

Family selfie outside our house

As I’ve already mentioned, the one thing that did change this month is that Gabe went back to school this week. When the government announced schools were to reopen for Reception at the beginning of June we were adamant we wouldn’t be sending Gabe back to school if Toby couldn’t go too.

But then our local council recommended schools stay closed until 22nd June. We didn’t send him back for the first week but then when we thought about it a bit more we decided three weeks back at school for Gabe now would help us all.

It’s been getting harder and harder to get the boys to do any home learning, but especially Gabe. Having him back at school means I’ve got more time to do one on one stuff with Toby, and hopefully everyone will get a bit more done.

He’s only in school Monday to Thursday with slightly shorter days too so hopefully a few weeks of this now will help him settle back into school more easily when he goes back in September.

We thought that Toby might be upset that he’s not getting to go back to school too but he’s taken it very well really. We just found out today that he’s getting to go in for a few hours in the last week of term to say goodbye to his Year 2 teacher and meet his Year 3 teacher properly. It’s only a small school and the same teachers always teach the same year groups so he already knows his teacher anyway. He’s a bit sad that he’s not getting to finish Year 2 properly though.

So anyway, I think that’s all my news for June. July is Toby’s birthday month so that should bring a bit of excitement – I can’t believe I’m going to be the mum of a 7 year old! Barry is going to have a week of work as well. Not that we’re going anywhere but he has loads of annual leave he needs to use and his work don’t want them to keep it all to the end of the year. Perhaps we might actually venture out somewhere in July too so I might be able to get a more interesting Me & Mine picture!

Until next month then…

This is my seventh year of taking Me & Mine family portraits. You can see all the rest of the posts here.

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