Planning a family holiday in Sicily // Where to go and what to see

**Guest post by Emily Jones

Sicily is a great place to visit with your family especially during the summer. The island has beautiful historical sites and magnificent scenery that will take your breath away. It is ideal for a beach holiday since it offers a myriad of choices when it comes to seaside towns and beaches, both rocky and sandy.

Castle in Sicily

The island also offers a variety of choices for accommodation such as hotels, apartments and lodgings which are all very affordable. A very common practice in Sicily, and in Italian coastal towns in general, is to rent a locally owned home for the holidays. There are many useful tools, especially online, that can help you find the perfect accommodation for your trip. For example, Wishsicily displays an array of beach villas perfect for spending your holiday, while enjoying privacy and the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean.

The island also offers a lot of family-friendly activities. Firstly, visiting the main towns like Palermo, the capital city of Sicily which has a great number of sites. For starters, the cathedral Palazzo dei Normanni, not to mention the catacombs and botanical gardens. The town of Taormina also deserves mentioning, as it hosts the Greek Theatre, which is worth visiting. The town of Cefalù is another not-to-miss location; it has an excellent seaside area where one can take a few days to just relax. Also, you can visit the ancient cathedral located in the centre of the town. Well known for the ancient ruins of the Greek city of Akaragas is Agrigento, located on the South Coast of Sicily. This city is home to the Valley of the Temples and a large archaeological museum.

Krisjanis-Mezulis Sicily

Sicily offers a lot of fun activities to enjoy with children and Mount Etna is a great place to start off. To go up the mountain you could choose to use donkeys, a bus, or even a cable car. Children will be excited to explore the woods along the paths, as well as seeing the largest active volcano in Europe. If your children are a little older, you may even enjoy the many bike routes available. Riding past the fruit orchards and olive trees along the roads and going down stone-walled lanes, will provide an adventure of a lifetime while a great way to enjoy Sicily’s beautiful nature. Speaking of nature, the natural reserve in Trapani and Paceco offer a stunningly beautiful windmills and saltpans.

Planning a family holiday in Sicily

At sunset the sun turns the water red, captivating both the eyes and the heart and giving you and your children an unforgettable experience. Lastly, adventure parks offer a variety of activities for you to enjoy with as a family, from tree-climbing, ladder-walking and archery, just to mention few.


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