Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (April 2019)

With the Easter holidays in the middle of it April seems to have been a very quick month. The first week of the holidays was a fairly quiet one as Barry was still working but in the second week we went down to Derbyshire for a short holiday as I mentioned we would be doing in last month’s post.

We had a really good holiday, both at home and away. Toby and Gabe got on really well and we didn’t have too much of their usual squabbling. They even both slept all night, every night that we were away! Unfortunately their sibling harmony hasn’t continued this weekend since they’ve been back at school and nursery but I’m hoping that’s just a bit of a blip as they settle back into their usual routine.

We packed quite a lot into our short holiday down in Derbyshire. On our first day full day there we went to the Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath.  If you’ve not heard of it the Heights of Abraham is a country park and show caves (which are former lead mines) but it is on the side of a hill and reached by cable car.

We were all excited to go in the cable car – Gabe was the only one who was a bit scared. When we got to the top the boys were more interested in the parks than the caves but after a play and we did convince them to go down. We all enjoyed the cave and Toby and Gabe especially did really well with all the steps we had to climb to get out!

You actually come out of the cave higher up the hill than where you went in. We managed to take family selfie at the top. We actually took quite a few but this is the best of the bunch, even if Toby has got his hand in front of Gabe’s mouth! And I really need to learn how to stop squinting in pictures – I do it all the time!

Me & Mine April 2019 at the top of the Heights of Abraham

While on holiday we also went on a steam train, did lots of walking and playing in parks. The boys both impressed us with their bravery on the parks. They both seem to have gone from being scared of everything to giving everything a go and it was really great to see.

We came home on Good Friday, via a trip to see Barry’s Great Auntie, and Auntie in Stoke on the way home. They only met Toby when he was a baby, and have never met Gabe so even though we weren’t there very long it was really nice to see them.

We then had a quiet Easter weekend at home and now Toby and Gabe are both are now slowly making their way through their own body weight in chocolate!

May is a busy month for us – I’m away for two weekends at different blogging events, there’s a bank holiday and then we finish with half term when it’s also my birthday. Hopefully at some point in all of that we’ll find time to get a family picture together. So until next month….


This is the sixth year of taking Me & Mine family portraits every month. You can see all the rest of the posts here.

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