Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (March 2019)

After February flew by super fast March seems to have been a much longer month, it feels like ages since I wrote our last Me & Mine post! It doesn’t feel like we’ve done very much this month either, although when I look back we’ve actually done a fair bit.

At the start of the month I took the boys down to Wales to visit my friend and her twins. I’ve mentioned them quite a lot here before – her boys are only 3 months younger than Toby and we used to live round the corner from them in Scotland. They moved to North Wales not long before we moved back here to Lancashire so we don’t see them as much now, especially now the older boys are all at school, but they all still get on really well whenever we do see them.

The following weekend Barry was planning on taking Toby and Gabe up to see his parents but his mum was ill so they ended up putting their visit off until the following week. I didn’t do much while they were out but it was nice to have a day to myself!

Last weekend it was my dad’s 70th birthday so we all went out for a family meal – there were actually 18 of us all together, with our family and some of my parents’ friends. The boys were very well behaved in the restaurant, especially as it was a really late night for them, and they even went to bed without any fuss when we got home too.

Me & Mine March 2019

Finally this weekend we decided to get out and make use of our National Trust membership again this weekend. We visited Old Rufford Hall, which is our nearest NT property, where we took this month’s Me & Mine pictures. It was smaller than some we’ve been to, and there wasn’t quite as much to do, but after a bit of fighting when we first arrived the boys enjoyed running around in the gardens and following the discovery trail in the house too.

Me & Mine family portrait at Old Rufford Hall

Of course, it hasn’t all been happy days this month – Toby has been very tired the last few weeks and it always shows in his attitude and behaviour. I think they’ve been busy at school, and he’s had some ‘home learning’ projects to complete too which have contributed to the tiredness. Only another week to go though before the holidays so hopefully the rest will do him good.

Gabe has been busy just being three mostly. He’s so lovely but he’s hard work (and very emotional) a lot of the time too. He’s had a cold for the past week as well which has led to more wake ups than usual and then that has just added to his tiredness and grumpiness.

We’ve got a quiet first week of the Easter holidays planned, before we go away to Derbyshire for the second week so I’m really hoping that with plenty of time to relax at home and not do too much they’ll both be back on top form in time for us going away.

Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a good month and are looking forward to the holidays and hopefully some lovely spring weather too!

This is the sixth year of taking Me & Mine family portraits every month. You can see all the rest of the posts here.

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