Living Arrows 17/52 (2019)

Time is marching on again now the Easter holidays are done. We just had a short week of school and nursery with only going back on Tuesday, and I know this month will fly with the May Day bank holiday and then half term at the end of the month.

Toby and especially Gabe actually surprised me last week with both of them going back to school / nursery without any real complaints at all. I was amazed that Gabe didn’t cry when I dropped him off but he was a superstar!

Unfortunately though the harmony we had in the holidays hasn’t really continued this weekend – Toby and Gabe were just winding each other up at every opportunity. Yesterday we decided that divide and conquer was probably our best bet so Barry took Gabe to the garden centre while I stayed at home with Toby.

Gabe is loving a bit of gardening lately – they planted some pots and baskets at the front of the house last weekend and went to get a few more bits yesterday. He’s really been enjoying helping his daddy with potting the plants up and then keeping them watered. Gabe’s always been such a mummy’s boy that it’s lovely for them to having something that they’re enjoying doing together without me and Toby.

Gabe watering the plants that he planted with Daddy

I think Toby was tired from being back at school. He was acting silly all weekend so I gave him a Harry Potter LEGO set that my friend Sally gave us a few week’s ago. We’ve just started reading the first book together after playing the LEGO Harry Potter video game and Toby is really getting into it all. The LEGO set is one of the big Hogwarts ones and Toby has spent nearly all weekend making it – his concentration when he’s doing something he enjoys is really impressive!

I took this week’s picture when he was taking a break from LEGO to watch a bit of TV. He must have been tired because he rarely sucks his thumb during the day now. I’m hoping that when his two front, very wobbly, teeth finally fall out that it might give him the push to stop because it will feel different… I can hope right?

Toby watching TV and sucking his thumb

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4 thoughts on “Living Arrows 17/52 (2019)

  1. The divide and conquer route sounds good to me. Following their passions is a great way to encourage learning and growth. #LivingArrows

  2. We had the same silly behaviour that first weekend back. I think the change back into routine affects them more than we give them credit for! We need to do some gardening this weekend.xx

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