Living Arrows 52/53 (2018)

I know everyone seems to be saying it this year, but I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already! I don’t know about your children but Toby is bouncing off the walls with excitement now. Gabe’s excited too but I don’t know if it’s just because he’s younger and doesn’t understand quite as much but he seems to be containing it a bit more!

Toby finally broke up from school at 2 pm on Friday and as his teacher brought them out of the classroom she said to the waiting parents ‘Good luck, they’re all yours!’ And believe me I know where she was coming from. Toby’s been so tired and so excited for the last few weeks, but that is taking its toll on his behaviour. I know it must be hard when you’re five and super excited about Christmas but, jeez he’s been hard work! I’m hoping it calms down a bit after the big day is over.

We added to the excitement even more yesterday by taking the boys on a Santa train. They didn’t know anything about it until they opened their advent calendar in the morning (we have a wooden one which we fill with chocolates but that also has had a few little notes in it too) and even then we just said we were going on a Christmas train and didn’t mention Father Christmas. 

We’ve never actually taken the boys to see Father Christmas before – mostly because I didn’t want it to be a rubbish one with an obvious fake beard! We needn’t have worried though – this one was the real deal!

Toby's excited face when he realised Father Christmas was on the train with us

This was Toby’s face when he realised Father Christmas was making his way down the train towards us. He was so excited!

Gabe talking to Father Christmas on the Santa Special train

And look at Gabey’s little face! (Excuse me filming on my phone in the background, I was paying attention too I promise). Like I said, this Santa was the real deal, proper beard and all! We were really pleased that the boys talked to him and answered his questions – I was prepared for them to be scared or clam up but neither of them did. 

The only slight disappointment was that they give presents by age and there is a 3-6 age bracket so Toby and Gabe both got the same present – a Thomas the Tank Engine set which was a bit young for Toby really. They were happy though so that’s all that matters I guess. 

We don’t have any big plans for today – I need to go out and pick up the turkey from the butcher, and try and get the things that didn’t turn up in our Tesco delivery! I’ve put together a little Christmas Eve bag for the boys this year with a Christmas Eve game, sticker books, The Snowman DVD and some popcorn, The Night Before Christmas book, their stockings and new matching pyjamas. So hopefully we’ll manage to have a fairly chilled out day at home and then convince the boys to go to bed a bit early, because who knows what time they’ll be up tomorrow!

I’ll just take this chance to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I’ll be back next week with my last Living Arrows post of the year.

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6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 52/53 (2018)

  1. Aww this sounds amazing! I’m with you on booking to see Father Christmas I always worry it won’t be up to expectations. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and the boys weren’t up too early xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean about Father Christmas – there are some really rubbish ones! That one looked amazing though – I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas x

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