Living Arrows 53/53 (2018)

Here we are, at the very last Living Arrows post of 2018! Although time had been absolutely speeding past for the last few months, the last week seems to have slowed to a standstill. It feels like Christmas Day was much more than a week ago!

We had a lovely Christmas with both my parents and Barry’s parents coming to our house for the day. The boys were very excited to open all their presents (and even stayed in bed until a respectable 7:15!) I spent the morning cooking, so left everyone else to entertain Toby and Gabe. I actually enjoy cooking for everyone, and was pleased to pull off Christmas dinner for 8 people in my single electric oven again this year!

I didn’t actually take any pictures of the boys on Christmas day. As much as I love capturing memories, sometimes being behind the camera means you miss out on the actual fun, so I didn’t even attempt any present opening pictures this year. And we haven’t done much of anything this week except relax at home and eat too much chocolate. 

So for my last Living Arrows of 2018 we’ve got pictures of the Toby and Gabe playing with some of their Christmas presents. Toby’s main present from us was a big Batman Lego set, which he had finished building within a day and a half! He’s pleased with it though….

Toby with his completed Lego Batman set

And I think one of Gabe’s favourite presents was a new Play Doh set. He loves playing with Play Doh (and actually does it quite tidily so I don’t mind him doing it at home!) so I knew he’d appreciate this new set with some different tools and things to those he has already. Although, mostly he still just likes making ‘cookies’! (And holding them in front of his face apparently…)

Gabe enjoying his new Play Doh

So there you have it, another year of Living Arrows done. Next week I’ll be heading into my sixth year of these weekly posts! I love that I have so many pictures of the boys, and what I write each week is a little reminder of all the things we’ve been up to. I’ll leave you with the first Living Arrows pictures of 2018, I always like to compare the start and end of the year just to see how much Toby and Gabe have changed (although you can’t tell much from these pictures – Gabe definitely wouldn’t tolerate reins anymore though)

Toby enjoying a winter walk with his Dinosaur Hunting Kit

Gabe splashing in muddy puddles

And all that remains is for me to wish you a very Happy New Year! See you in 2019…


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6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 53/53 (2018)

  1. Toby looks so pleased with his Lego! I know what you mean about Christmas feeling like forever ago, but this holiday still feels like it’s gone by in a flash! Happy New Year! #LivingArrows

  2. Wow that lego looks epic! I have a fan of play dough too although he’s not very good at keeping it tidy. Great idea comparing the photos its amazing how quickly they change. Its got to be my favourite link up. Happy New Year xx

  3. Gabe has grown so much this year and I’ve loved watching your year unfold week by week. Thanks so much for always joining in, always being so consistent and for giving me a nudge when I’ve needed it x

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