Living Arrows 51/53 (2018)

I usually write these Living Arrows posts on a Sunday evening ready to be published on Monday morning. I’ve been all out of sync for the last few weeks though so here we are at nearly 10 pm on Tuesday before I’m getting round to writing my post!

For some reason I just haven’t been taking many pictures of the boys at the moment so I couldn’t write my post until I had got some. It doesn’t help that Gabe finished nursery last Tuesday (apart from his nativity and party tomorrow) so I’ve had him at home all the time to, which inevitably leaves less time for blogging!

Yesterday, after we had dropped Toby at school Gabe and I went to do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping. Of course you can’t take a 3 year old shopping without bribing them with cake (well, not my 3 year old any way), so after we’d got the things we needed we stopped for a quick bite.

Gabe enjoying a chocolate brownie

Toby has been so busy at school lately. After three performances of his nativity last week, he then went to a Carol Concert yesterday, then had Christmas dinner and did an ‘Elf Run’ to raise money for a local children’s hospice today. On Thursday he’s got a Christmas party and then finally finishes at 2 pm on Friday – and he’s definitely ready for the break!

I managed to grab this picture when he came home from school with his elf hat on today…

Toby in his elf hat

This weekend we’re going on a Santa train (and the boys don’t know yet!) so hopefully I’ll get some good pictures and I’ll manage to get back on schedule with my Living Arrows posts next week. I can’t believe there’s only two more to go before the end of the year!


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