Living Arrows 49/53 (2018)

I’m a bit late with this week’s Living Arrows post and if you read on I’m sure you’ll forgive me! I mentioned at the end of last week’s post that Barry and I were going to London this weekend… well we did make it there but it wasn’t quite the weekend we’d planned!

Last week started fairly normally, until we got to Wednesday. Gabe really didn’t want to eat his tea – he often doesn’t have much appetite by tea time so it wasn’t that unusual but it’s not like him to refuse to eat completely. Anyway, I took Toby to his swimming lesson as usual and we came home to find Gabe had been sick!

To cut a long story very short – he was OK on Thursday and then was sick again 10 minutes before we were due to leave on Friday. We decided to go anyway and left the boys in the capable hands of my parents. I felt a bit rubbish when we got to London and after an aborted attempt to go out for dinner I was sick in the hotel at about 8pm.

Barry woke up in the night and was sick too, and we found out the next day that Toby was being sick at home too. Fortunately we were both feeling a bit better on Saturday (and weren’t sick again) so we still managed to enjoy our weekend, although maybe not quite as much as we would have if we hadn’t been ill.

Anyway, we got back late yesterday afternoon, had some tea and put the boys to bed so I didn’t have any pictures of them for this Living Arrows post. I was planning on sending Toby and Gabe to school and nursery today but although Toby hadn’t been sick since Friday night he’d had a slightly dodgy bottom on Saturday so I decided I’d better keep him at home another day. And then at 4am Gabe woke up coughing and had a temperature so it was another day at home for him too!

We managed to have a tidy up and put the Christmas decorations up today and then walk up to the post box to post the boys letter to Father Christmas (in between them fighting and squabbling and Gabe crying about everything!)

And I got the camera out and grabbed these pictures…

Toby wearing his Christmas crown to put up the decorations

Gabey's smiley face

Fingers crossed we’re over the worst of the illness now and I’ll be back with a more positive update next week!

Living Arrows


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  1. Oh gosh, it sounds like you’ve all been through the mill! At least you’ve (hopefully) got all of the illness out of the way in one go x #LivingArrows

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