Living Arrows 50/53 (2018)

Another week done and we are speeding ever closer to Christmas and the end of the year! This week we have mostly all recovered from our illness that I wrote about last week, apart from Gabe who has still got a nasty cough and keeps getting a temperature on and off too.

Despite still being a bit poorly Gabe is definitely enjoying the build up to Christmas this year. He wore his new Christmas jumper to the Fair at Toby’s school on Friday, and although we had tears when he didn’t win on the chocolate tombola I think he enjoyed himself!

Gabe in his Christmas jumper

And I’m cheating a bit this week because I usually use a picture from the previous week for my Living Arrows posts but this one of Toby was taken today. He was a percussion-playing angel in his school nativity and he did a fab job – I was super-proud of him! 

Toby as an angel in his school nativity

Gabe is in his nursery nativity next week too so that should be fun. I’m excited for next year when, for one year only, both boys will be in the nativity together! They only do a nativity in KS1 at Toby’s school, so the next year he’ll be doing a carol concert instead and Gabe will be in the nativity on his own again. 

For this year though we’re all enjoying the magic of Christmas. It’s the first year that Gabe really understands what is going on so it’s very exciting. Only two more weeks to go….

Living Arrows

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 50/53 (2018)

  1. Aw Toby looks fab as an angel! Gabe is also rocking his festive jumper. How lovely it will be to have them both in the nativity. In our current school they only do a Reception nativity and so I’m a little sad that it could be Teddy’s last one! #livingarrows

  2. Monkey didn’t do a nativity this year instead it was a carol concert. I’m super impressed with your angel photo we can never get near enough to get a decent one. Loving the Christmas jumper looks different to the usual ones I’ve seen xx

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