Living Arrows 49/52 (2019)

Another week has flown by and we’re another week closer to Christmas and then the end of the year. This week the boys have had more nativity rehearsals, I did a bit of Christmas crafting, it was the school Christmas fair and we ended the week with putting the tree up and a visit to Nana and Grandad.

The weekend didn’t quite go to plan though. After the boys’ swimming lesson on Saturday morning we were planning a quick tidy up in the living room so we could put the Christmas tree up. But when we got home from swimming Gabe got out of the car and was sick!

I don’t know what was up with him, he had been fine in the car, and apart from being upset about being sick he was OK afterwards too. It wasn’t very much sick either, and I actually I wonder if he had managed to swallow some swimming pool water and that caused it.

Anyway, after some cuddles on the sofa he was OK again, and managed some lunch an hour or so later. My quick tidy up though ended up being a big toy sort out and rearranging the furniture so it was after tea before we actually got the tree up. I’m really pleased with the new layout of the furniture though – hopefully it will be easier to keep tidy and it will give the boys more space to play too.

Yesterday we were going up to the Lakes to see Barry’s mum and dad before Christmas. We decided we would go to Sizergh Castle before going to their house to get some use of our National Trust membership. We went in the summer but didn’t actually go into the castle so were looking forward to seeing it this time.

Toby with the massive door knocker at Sizergh Castle

Unfortunately I hadn’t actually checked the opening times and although the grounds and cafe were open the castle was shut. Even the boys knocking on the door didn’t bring anyone to open it!

Gabe knocking on the door of Sizergh Castle

We had a bit of a walk round the gardens but the weather was pretty miserable – cold and windy and we got in a couple of short hailstorms too. Still it was good to get a bit of fresh air and we had a lovely lunch in Low Sizergh Barn afterwards before going to see Nana and Grandad.

Oh, and after recovering from being sick on Saturday, Gabe had three nosebleeds yesterday! He didn’t have anymore overnight though so I’m hoping that will be it for a while.

This week is full of more Christmas as we finally get to actually see the nativity. Plus Toby is getting invested at Beavers tonight so that’s something else to look forward to. That’s all for today though – I’ll be back next week with another Living Arrows post.

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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