Living Arrows 41/52 (2020)

We were back at Forest School this weekend, and after rain nearly every day for the last week we were super lucky with the weather and had sun all morning. It’s starting to get a bit chilly now though, it was definitely winter coat and woolly hat weather!

We do all sorts of different activities at Forest School. This week we learnt some knots and did some whittling – Gabe managed to make himself a magic wand (with a bit of help from me). Toby started making a little man which is currently in our freezer, apparently it will keep the wood soft so he can carry on making it when we go again next month.

Gabe in his woolly hat in the woods

Often though, rather than join in the activities Toby and Gabe like to just go off and play in the woods on their own. They’ve found a little hidey hole amongst some of the bushes and trees where they like to just go and hang out together. I just love that they are happy and enjoying themselves.

We’ve been going to Forest School for over a year now and it has helped them both become much more confident. At first Gabe especially wouldn’t leave my side but now it’s quite common for me not to even see him for half the time!

Close up of Toby showing off his  his

Toby seems to have grown up a lot since he went back to school in Year 3. He’s really making an effort to be kind and grateful (well, most of the time, he is still only 7 after all!)

He’s definitely rocking his grown up teeth these days – I do wish we could get in to see the dentist though – he’s been missing the two teeth either side of his top middle ones for over a year now and one of the bottom ones is really far behind the others. I’m guessing they wouldn’t do anything at this age anyway but it would be nice to get a bit of reassurance.

Anyway, we’re on a bit of a countdown to half term here now – the boys are definitely tired and ready for a break. Two more weeks to go for us though – when do your children break up for the holidays?

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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