Living Arrows 40/52 (2020)

And just like that it’s October. September seems to have gone past so fast, but then it also feels like the boys have been back at school for ages now. They are both still enjoying being back and thankfully their school remains Covid free for now!

This week I took the big camera with me to the boys’ swimming lesson. They used to go to a mixed ability group lesson with 3 or 4 other children but usually 2 or 3 teachers in the water with them. The swim school had to change things around with the current situation and to keep them in group lessons they would have had to go on two different nights after school (and the pool is about a 20 minute drive away).

However, they are now offering private lessons on Sundays which means Toby and Gabe can still both go in the pool at the same time. It’s also better because they don’t have to be in close contact with other children, and I’m hoping having the teacher just concentrating on them will help them improve their swimming more quickly.

Toby swimming on his back

Toby has been able to swim on his back really well for probably a year now. He is still working on his front swimming though – he’s always trying to keep his head out of the water which makes his bottom sink. He’s getting better all the time though and I’m sure he’ll get there eventually.

Gabe swimming with a noodle

Gabe is making great progress too. He’s not a fan of swimming without a noodle but he’s getting much better at putting his face in the water though and just like Toby I’m sure he’ll keep making progress as long as we stick with the lessons.

I was actually really surprised at how well they did when we first went back to swimming lessons after having 6 months off during lock down. They just carried on exactly where they had left off. I’m just hoping that our local lockdown measures aren’t extended any further and that lessons can carry on as they are at the moment.

Until next week then…

This is my ninth year taking part in this linky celebrating childhood, based on a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” .

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Living Arrows

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  1. We’ve been discussing swimming lessons for Iris. We used to go swimming as family just for fun but i’m not sure if it’s something i’m comfortable with now Covid is around- that said it’s such an important skill- a potentially life saving one- I’m in a quandary, do I wait until it feels safe to go swimming or will we be waiting forever because things don’t appear to be getting better anytime soon, private lessons for her maybe the answer!

    Katrina x

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