5 quick ways to change a room

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Decorating your home can take a long time. After planning and buying supplies, you then have to prep your home ready for painting or wallpapering, and all of this before you can actually start decorating.

When we moved in 2016 we knew that every room in our new house would need redecorating, but that it would be years before we had the money and time to do it all. If the thought of redecorating fills you with dread, or like us you just don’t have the time or the funds to do it right now, then here are 5 quick ways to overhaul any room in your home – all without picking up a paintbrush.

Update Home Accessories

Accessories can complete a room, adding those finishing touches that make it feel homely. Whether it’s personal family photos, candles, or cushions, accessories turn a house into a home. So, when it comes to changing your décor, try switching your accessories. Create a feature wall with a large mirror or statement clock from Cox & Cox, or add a new colour scheme with cushions, throws and curtains.

Rearrange Furniture

When it comes to the style of your home, you may think about the colour of the walls and the items you have on display. However, while accessories and furniture are a big part of interior décor, the layout of a room is important, too. Consider rearranging furniture to change the focal points and you may be surprised to find that the room feels more spacious.

Chairs in front of a window

Update the Main Feature

Speaking of focal points, updating the main feature of a room can transform the overall feel. For example, the bed in the bedroom. While replacing a bedframe can be expensive, consider updating the wall behind it. This could be by creating a statement headboard by upcycling or repurposing unused furniture, such as a door, screen divider or an oversized mirror.

Time to Sticker

Your kids may love stickers, but you should love them, too. This is because when it comes to your home’s décor, stickers can make a huge impact. If you despise the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, then tile stickers are a cheap and easy fix. Add a new colour with rows of staggered stickers to rejuvenate your bathroom, or create a feature splashback in your kitchen. We’ve used wall decals in the boys’ bedroom and the great thing about these is that they can be removed and replaced as their tastes change, without needing to repaint the whole room.

Change Your Lighting

Finally, the light in your home contributes to the overall ambience and perception of space, so when looking to make changes, don’t forget lighting. There are loads of options here and you could consider installing a dimmer switch, hanging fairy lights, displaying candles, replacing lamp shades, or investing in a new statement floor lamp.

Hanging filament bulbs

Changing your home’s interior can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Hopefully these quick tricks help you perform a hassle-free home update.

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