Living Arrows 4/52 (2019)

This is going to be a short post this week because we really haven’t done anything at all! Well, I  went to London on Thursday to see Hamilton which was brilliant, but I started getting a headache on the train on the way home, which turned into some sort of sinusitis and I still feel rubbish now.

The boys have both still got colds as well so we hibernated this weekend. In fact we didn’t even get out of our pyjamas on Saturday! Of course, not doing anything doesn’t make for very exciting photos so I actually grabbed these ones this morning.

Toby doing up his top button

Toby has to wear a shirt and tie for school (well from October half term until Easter he does anyway). When he started in Reception last year he had literally never worn a shirt before so the buttons were a daily struggle. He managed them by himself after a couple of months but was still never able to to his top button – until last week! Now we just need to teach him how to tie a tie instead of using the clip on one he has now…

Gabe in the car playing on his tablet

This picture of Gabe was taken just before I dropped him off at nursery. We used to have a ‘no tablets before school’ rule, but actually letting Gabe have his keeps him calm, and keeps his mind off the fact he is going to nursery. He has been getting loads better lately and hasn’t really cried at drop off for a couple of weeks now, but he does usually cry when he realises it’s a ‘school day’. So anyway, he doesn’t get his tablet until he’s dressed and ready for school but then I let him play with it before we leave and in the car. He’s always good about turning it off when we get there so for now, we do what makes life easiest!

Hopefully we’ll all start feeling a bit better this week and I can share something a bit more interesting next week!


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8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 4/52 (2019)

  1. It’s all about making life easier for you! I’m amazed that your boy can do his buttons – Parker struggles with this. Good Luck with teaching the tie-tying skills! 🙂

  2. I hope you’re feeling much better now. My boys would struggle with wearing shirts too – esp my eldest, he hates anything that feels tight around his neck. Luckily they wear polo shirts for school #LivingArrows

  3. Athena has to wear a proper shirt and a tie now and it’s such a struggle. She’s doing well with it but never has her top button done up, never has her tie done up tight enough. I feel like I’m always nagging her! x

  4. Kipper has had a wobble recently with nursery and I hadn’t thought about letting him have the tablet to keep his mind off it. I will be giving this a go on Monday. Hope you are all feeling better now xx

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