Living Arrows 3/52 (2019)

As we move nearer the end of January we are still in hibernation mode here. This week has been cold, and sometimes wet (although no snow here as usual on the Fylde Coast!) It’s been another quiet week at school and nursery for Toby and Gabe with not much on this weekend either.

On Saturday Toby had a soft play party for one of his school friends. I was really proud of him – he often struggles at soft play (especially one he hasn’t been to before) as he usually doesn’t like the big slides and if he finds himself at the top of one he tends to panic. However, within 5 minutes of being there he had already come down the big slide, and apart from one incident of crying because another boy had tripped him up, he was absolutely fine for the whole two hours!

Yesterday we were going to go to Dobbies after lunch, to get out of the house and to take advantage of the free drinks we get with our membership. But Toby was being awkward and just wanted to stay at home and play with his LEGO. So in the end, after agreeing he would need to do his homework first, he and I stayed while Barry took Gabe to Dobbies on his own.

Gabe enjoying chocolate cake

To be honest it probably made for a more peaceful afternoon for everyone. As much as we like to spend time all together as a family, sometimes divide and conquer is the best parenting strategy we have!

Toby playing with his LEGO



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Living Arrows

11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 3/52 (2019)

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to just have one on one time, we love doing things as a family but the kids also love their time with us individually too. It looks like Gabe enjoyed his treat from Dobbies x #livingarrows

  2. We must have lived very close when we were in Lancashire! We lived on Weeton Camp for 4 years. I agree that sometimes splitting the parenting works well and seems so much calmer #living arrows

  3. Ha ha I am with you on the divide and conquer!! We tend to have lazy weekends too this time of year. Espically when it’s cold, we haven’t had snow either and the kids are very disappointed! X

  4. We’ve loved having some quiet weekends at home – especially in this weather! We don’t tend to split up over the weekend much but maybe we should! #LivingArrows

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