Living Arrows 29/52 (2019)

I’m a bit late with my Living Arrows post this week, but I didn’t take any pictures of Toby last week so I thought I might as well wait and use his ‘last day of Year 1’ photo for this week’s post. Toby finally broke up for the summer holidays today and he was definitely ready for it – it’s been a struggle to get him out of bed and ready to go the last week or two.

After quite an unsettled start to Year 1 Toby settled in well in the end. He’s made great progress this year and I don’t have any worries about whether he’s ready to move up to Year 2. He was sad this afternoon leaving school, but mostly because his ‘buddy’ was leaving today. When they start Reception all the children are allocated a buddy from Year 5 – which is fab, but does mean that today was the day that Toby’s buddy was finishing Year 6 and leaving school.

He was excited too though, because when he goes back in September Gabe will be going with him, and he’s really looking forward to having his brother with him at school.

Anyway, this was the picture I managed to take this morning – Toby wasn’t really in the mood for posing so this was about as good as it got! I don’t think he looks much different than at the start of Year 1 really – he’s a bit taller, and he’s got a few fewer teeth but otherwise he looks pretty much the same…

Toby on his last day of Year 1

Gabe finished at nursery last week too. Thursday was his last day, and I can’t say he was sad to finish! He has enjoyed his time at nursery but there have been a lot of tears over the last year. Thankfully we didn’t have any crying on his last day – I think he was just happy to go in and give the presents to his keyworker and the other teachers.

Gabe on his last day at nursery

So that’s it – summer is finally here and we’ve definitely got the summer weather too! We’re going away to France towards the end of the holidays but we’ve got three and a half weeks at home first. We’ve got some things planned but we’re going to have a lot of relaxing time at home too – the boys really need some down time to get themselves ready for going back to school in September.

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  1. Have a fantastic Summer!! My little was a bit upset as two of his friends won’t be in his class next term but he’s forgotten them now and we are a week into the hols !

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