Living Arrows 25/53 (2018)

Ooh, week 25 of Living Arrows – we’re nearly half way through the year. I’ve not got much to report since last week. I think Toby is still struggling with school-induced tiredness which is making it hard for him to control his behaviour. I think these next five weeks to the summer holidays are going to be hard work!

On Saturday Toby was at the birthday party of one of his class mates – I broke the news to him this week that we weren’t going to give him a big party this year. We’re going to do something just for family at home, and then go to LEGOLAND in Manchester. He was momentarily sad about the lack of party but soon cheered up when he knew he would get to go to LEGOLAND – we went last summer and he loved it so I’m sure he’ll enjoy it even more now he’s a bit older.

Yesterday we went to the garden centre – we’re members so get a free tea or coffee every month so have been going for years. But I don’t know what it is about the place, it just seems to send the boys crazy every time we go and their behaviour is just awful.  Maybe it’s because we always have cake there and they’re full of sugar! We keep saying we’re not going to take them again but then we always end up doing it anyway.

At least there’s a little play area and they can run off a bit of their cake-fuelled energy. Toby was loving the slide today…

Toby enjoying the slide at the garden centre

This week’s post seems to have been all about Toby so far. Gabe is still just being lovely on the whole. He has his moments too of course but mostly he just plays up when Toby is being silly too. He wasn’t very happy that he didn’t get to go to the birthday party at the weekend – and since my birthday he keeps getting very upset that it isn’t his birthday yet. I guess it’s hard to understand when you’re not quite three.

He was having fun on the play area too yesterday at least. I gave both boys a haircut yesterday – I always think it makes them look older every time. Gabe’s hair is getting a bit thicker and longer now but it’s nothing like Toby’s – he’s had the same hairstyle since he was two and a bit!

Gabe smiling in the play area at the garden centre

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