Siblings // Toby and Gabe in June (2018)

It’s the middle of the month so it must be Siblings time again – although I’m a few days late with this month’s post. I’ve not got much to say about Toby and Gabe this month (as usual) so I’m just going to share some photos I’ve taken in the month since my May Siblings post.

Toby and Gabe having a cuddle at the park

There are always lots of cuddles between Toby and Gabe, but they aren’t always both equally happy to have them. More often than not it’s Gabe wanting a cuddle when Toby doesn’t but in this picture it was Gabe who wasn’t so keen.

Brothers looking daft in their new swimming goggles

They’re both as daft as each other though. A few weeks ago they were both sent some new swimming googles to try from SwimFreak and of course they both wanted to try them on straight away even though we were nowhere the swimming pool – these are their fish faces in case you were wondering!

Gabe and Toby at the park together

Despite all the squabbles that these two still have all  the time, they do have lots of fun together too.

Gabe pushing Toby on the swing

There’s going to be a big change for Toby and Gabe in the next week or two… I’ve just ordered them bunk beds! They have been sharing a room since we moved here two years ago but up until now Gabe has been in his cot. He’s going to be three in a few months though, and although he’s still happy in the cot we all think he’s ready for a move to a big boy bed. I’m just hoping he stays in it and bedtime doesn’t turn into a nightmare!

Toby and Gabe with dinosaurs at Blackpool Zoo

That’s probably about it from my boys this month, hopefully by my next Siblings post I’ll be able to tell you how smoothly the bunk bed move has gone…




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  1. Wow they really look like they have grown up so much lately here. That summer sun does that to kids. How nice has it been? Roll on school holidays for us all. #siblingsproject

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