Living Arrows 19/52 (2016)

We have, at last, all been relatively well this week (well, at least after Barry recovered from the bug that Toby had the week before). Nobody has got a cold for, I think, the first time since about February!

Gabe is still teething though and he has been having the most horrific teething poos ever – nearly every one leaks out of his nappy and requires a full change of clothes. The one at 2 am the other night that went right through to his sleeping bag was a real treat! He’s been OK in himself though – off his food a bit but I can’t say I blame him. I’m just hoping these next teeth come soon and we can all have a break.

I haven’t had the big camera out all this week though so both Living Arrows photos are iPhone snaps – I took this one of Gabe when I was pushing him up to the shop. He isn’t the easiest of babies sometimes but when he looks at you like this it does make all the sleepless nights worthwhile.

Gabe giving me a cute smile in the buggy

And I took this picture of Toby and his daddy at bedtime the other night. Toby has got really into his books in the last few months and we always have a bedtime story (or three!). Usually we end up reading the same stories over and over again for a few weeks and then he’ll have a change of heart and move onto something else, but the other night he chose a Noddy book for his daddy to read. This book actually belonged to me and my brother when we were little and I’ve had it (along without about six other Noddy books) for years, ever since I left home I think. I don’t know if you’ve ever read a Noddy book but they’re quite long so he’s been having one chapter a night. I wasn’t sure if he’d have the patience to sit through a longer story but he seems to be enjoying it…and I just love watching my lovely husband and my biggest boy enjoying time together.

Toby and his daddy reading Noddy at bedtime

Living Arrows

11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 19/52 (2016)

  1. Oh no, teething is dreadful! My son is 22 months and is getting about 4 at the same time :/ classic Noddy books, wow!
    Sophie x

  2. Teething is the worst (as are the nappies) hope it eases soon. Gorgeous pic of your son reading, I adored the Noddy books as a child and we had all of the old books from when my Mum and Auntie were children, unfortunately they seem to have disappeared now as I would have loved them for my two x

  3. HURRAY to the colds being gone – and let that be the end of bugs for a while! We’re also having the teething and the teething poos with Mini, no fun at all 🙁 I think I had that Noddy book too, it looks so familiar – how lovely you can share them with Toby now 🙂 #livingarrows

  4. That picture of Gabe is gorgeous, what a smile! And love the storytime photo too, such a lovely memory to capture. Glad to hear you’re all feeling better! x #LivingArrows

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