Living Arrows 13/52 (2019)

We’re on the home straight to the Easter holidays now, and the boys are definitely ready for a break. Toby at least managed to sleep late this weekend and get a few extra hours in this weekend but I think Gabe needs a rest to get over the cold he’s got at the moment.

We had another quiet week – Toby finally finished his home learning project to build a house from the time of The Great Fire of London. He’d been working on it with his Daddy for the last 3 weeks or so and I think they did a great job!

Toby with his Great Fire of London house

Despite everyone being tired and a little bit poorly we did manage to go out this weekend – on Saturday we went to Old Rufford Hall. It’s our nearest National Trust property but we’ve never been there before. It’s fairly small but Toby and Gabe enjoyed running around in the grounds and we managed to get our March Me & Mine pictures too.

I’m not going to lie and pretend it was entirely a wonderful day out – there was a lot of squabbling when we first got there, but after we’d had our picnic lunch they both cheered up a bit and I got this cheeky picture of Gabe…

Gabe being cheeky at Old Rufford Hall

We had a quiet day at home for Mother’s Day – I spent most of the morning in bed while the boys went out and got me some flowers and chocolates to go with the cards they had made at school and nursery. In the afternoon the boys played outside practicing their bike riding for a bit (although Gabe is much more enthusiastic about it than Toby at the moment) before a bit of Playstation time and a roast dinner.

So now we’ve just got the rest of this week to get through (with Barry away for the second half of the week) and then it’s holiday time, and we can’t wait!


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10 thoughts on “Living Arrows 13/52 (2019)

  1. The house looks brilliant! This last little push to the holidays is tough isn’t it? Although I can guarantee as soon as they don’t have to be up for school, they’ll be wide awake each day! x

  2. Daisy did the great fire of London last year and she really enjoyed it, Toby’s house is fab I hope he gets some extra team points for that. It sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend x

  3. The house looks fantastic, I remember my eldest learning about the Great Fire of London when he was in Year 2. We are also on countdown to the Easter holidays – are you going away? #LivingArrows

  4. That fire of London house looks so familiar – Athena’s one was almost identical! We are definitely winding down to the holidays now, the children are SO tired! x

  5. It’s felt like the Easter holidays have been a long time coming! That house is amazing I hope he got good marks for it. We have been struggling with colds too. Sounds like a very relaxed Mother’s Day

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