Living Arrows 12/53 (2018)

It’s been another normal week here, but a busy weekend with visits from my in-laws, and my brother and sister-in-law. I think it had all caught up to Toby and Gabe by bedtime last night though and both went a bit silly. That’s nothing new though really – do anyone else’s children go a bit bonkers as soon as it’s bedtime?

On Thursday last week I got to go into Toby’s school for a ‘Stay & Learn’ session with the other parents and carers. It was actually really lovely to see what he gets up to at school every day because he’s never very forthcoming with information once it gets to the end of the day! He is still getting on really well and it was great to see him interacting with all the other children too.

Of course he cried when it came time for me to leave, but then so did half of the other children too – I didn’t envy the teachers having to deal with that when we’d gone! Toby was given Star of the Week this week too – for ‘always helping his teacher with her dinosaur knowledge’! Their topic is dinosaurs this half term and apparently he knows more than she does!

Toby’s picture this week was taken at home, just messing around. I love his crazy hair – I think I’ll be sad if he ever decides he wants it cut short. But for now he loves it as much as we do…

Toby jumping and showing off his crazy hair

Gabe’s had a good week too, apart from a meltdown going into preschool on Monday – but that was mostly caused because it was raining and he didn’t want the rain cover on the buggy. He did great at swimming this week too – he even went down the little baby slide before his lesson, and he wouldn’t go near it even just a few weeks ago. He’s going to be moving up into the next class after Easter so that’s pretty exciting too.

I don’t quite know what he was thinking in this picture. He was mid-chocolate cake eating so was probably just wondering why mummy was pointing the camera at him again!

Gabe looking quizzical

We’ll be into the Easter holidays next week – we’re going away for a few days so I hope the snow is gone by then (not that we have any here) and doesn’t spoil our plans.

Living Arrows

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  1. Such adorable photos. I love the crazy hair and then the smudge of chocolate. Maybe he’s thinking will she let me have more cake for her to get the picture she is after.

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