Gift ideas for people missed off your Christmas list

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For kids, Christmas is a magical, mesmerising and enchanting time. Waiting for the arrival of Santa, opening their advent calendars and watching Christmas films, December is such an exciting month. While the same is true for parents, the festive season is also a little hectic and very busy. With so much to do, from planning the Christmas dinner to organising family visits, it can be easy to forget people from the present list.

If you’ve accounted for friends and family but have a sneaking suspicion that you may have forgotten one person (or maybe several people), here are some extra gift ideas that look super special without breaking the bank.

Gift Ideas for People Missed off Your Christmas List

A Nice Box of Something

Most of us have a bit of a sweet tooth and Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy a festive treat or two. So, make sure to add a couple of boxes of chocolates or sweets to your weekly shop and stash them safely away in a cupboard. Whether you realise you’ve forgotten a neighbour or a teacher, you can pop a chocolate selection or special toffees into a gift bag, for a thoughtful yet simple present.

A Movie Night Kit

The build up to Christmas is one of the most exciting parts, so what could be better than giving a gift that helps them make the most of this magical time of year? An ideal gift for people of all ages and suitable for couples through to families, you can create DIY movie night kits complete with popcorn, hot chocolate sachets and a festive flick.

A Festive Scented Candle

Christmas candle

For a present you can simply pick off the shelf and wrap, a candle could be the ideal solution when you’ve missed someone from the gift list. Bringing festive cheer into the home, a scented candle can make their living space smell divine and feel super cosy. For a Christmassy feel, choose seasonal favourites like gingerbread or festive berry scented candle.

A Little Hamper Gift

Whether you want to make your own or buy pre-made, a small hamper can be a lovely gift. Not only do they look expensive, but you can choose both sweet and savoury hampers, with everything from cheese and coffee, to chocolate and biscuits. A hamper is also bound to come in handy when your recipient has guests over at Christmas.

Realising you’ve forgotten someone can send you into a panic, leaving you to dash out to the shops. Instead, enjoy a stress-free Christmas by planning a few spare presents with these ideas.

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