Distinctive Vinyl vs the Party Life

As party season begins to get into the swing of things, you are probably raring to go on getting those house parties underway. If so, there is something that will greatly benefit you in choosing luxury vinyl flooring for your home, especially if things are about to get very busy on the home social scene.

The majority of interior designers and installation specialists recommend this for homes as the best option, especially for those with limited time for cleaning and maintaining the home.

Bathroom with LVT flooring

Easy Touch Ups

In browsing the many ranges and brands within the vinyl flooring marketplace, the simplified ease in keeping it clean and healthy makes it a highly considerable product to homeowners looking for an easy life.

It is a preferred option for the home because of the ease of installing it yourself. Be it glue down or click together, Distinctive vinyl flooring provides a fun project to get into and due to the ability to have pieces cut to size to fit, you can find more ease in installing it right.

Luxury vinyl flooring is extremely comfortable underfoot and has plenty of different designs to choose from to match your intended look.

Keep it Clean

We all love throwing a party or getting together – any occasion to celebrate is worthy of holding in-house. Due to vinyl’s durability and resilience toward hard stepping, constant footsteps and the odd spilt drink or food won’t stop the music at your party.

Come the morning after you may have a clean-up on your hands, but your flooring will not take long due to its liquid resistance and anti-stain properties. You also won’t be dealing with scratches across your floor due to Luvanto’s anti-scratch technologies.

Dining table on LVT flooring

A simple clean with a warm soapy sponge or mop retains its glossy finish. Other than that, a quick sweep and vacuum and no harm done.

Cook Up a Storm

If you are a host who loves cooking for a crowd then Distinctive flooring in your kitchen is perfect support no matter how messy things get.

Easy to clean no matter if it is a night for spaghetti, curry, pizza or salad, vinyl has your floor safe against any dropped jars or sauces that would usually permanently stain flooring forever no matter how many times it’s scrubbed. One spill, one wipe and it’s back to its usual look taking no time out of your meal preparations and giving more time to mingle.

Get Cosy

If cosy nights with the company are your thing then Distinctive vinyl flooring is a perfect companion due to its close companionship to underfloor heating systems, leaving you time to get acquainted on the sofa whilst the room builds the warmth.

One of the biggest draws for luxury vinyl flooring, such as grey oak flooring, is that they will not rise with changes in temperatures – meaning tiles and sheets will not come loose leaving your floor at risk of a foot catching and peeling them out of place.

If it’s time to party it’s time to provide the treats, and the biggest one for your home is Distinctive vinyl flooring to get the party started.

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