Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (October 2018)

October Me & Mine family portrait

Wow! Where did October disappear to? The boys were off for half term last week but we didn’t do very much. In fact I can’t remember what we’ve done in October at all! I started the month with a weekend away at Croft House in the Lake District with some other lovely bloggers, the following weekend Barry had a night out with his friends and other than that we’ve done a lot of relaxing at home and watching Star Wars films! Read more

Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (August 2018)

Me & Mine August 2018

Another month done and the long hot summer is over. August for us was mostly about our holiday in France. We went to the Dordorgne for two weeks with my parents and brother and sister-in-law and it was fab. We celebrated Gabe’s third birthday while we were away – I wonder if it will be the first birthday he really remembers when he’s older? The two weeks since we came home have been very quiet with us spending a lot of time at home just resting, relaxing and hopefully preparing ourselves for the return to school and nursery next week. Read more

Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (June 2018)

Me and Mine June 2018

Although time is going really fast at the moment it actually feels like it’s been a while since I wrote last month’s Me & Mine post. At the start of this month we were just finishing up half term, and since then we’ve been struggling slightly with general end of term tiredness, and of course the amazing hot weather we’ve been having. Read more

Me & Mine // A Family Portrait (May 2018)

Me and Mine May 2018

I know I keep saying it but time is absolutely flying at the moment, and here we are at the end of May with another month done. It’s half term at the moment, and I can’t believe that when Toby goes back to school next week we’ll only have seven weeks until the summer holidays and the end of his first year at school! Read more