Planning to extend our home

The front of our house that we would like to extend

**This is a collaborative post

When we moved house we were looking for somewhere that had potential to be improved and developed as our family grows – grows up that is, we definitely aren’t planning on making our family any bigger! We knew we couldn’t afford our dream home so we wanted somewhere we could perhaps extend in future and turn it into our dream home instead. Read more

Moving home with kids // How to minimise their stress

Saying goodbye to the old house

*This is a collaborative post

My Timehop has been reminding me over the last few days that it’s a year since we moved to our new house. Moving to a new home with children can be a stressful time for everyone. During all the organisation, it’s easy to forget about the effect it’ll have on the kids. Different children will, of course, react to things differently, but it’s important that they feel involved, and there are some ways to ensure the move goes smoothly for them too, even if they are only small. Read more

Bedroom makeover inspiration

*This is a collaborative post

When we moved house we decided that although the master bedroom was upstairs, we would take one of the other bedrooms downstairs so we could be next to the boys’ room. You can see our rather unusual house layout in my house tour video so you can see what I mean.

At the moment we are living in a mismatched room with our old bed and bedding, a wardrobe full of the boys’ clothes, not enough storage for our own things and the curtains from the living room at our old house! I can’t wait until we have a lovely bedroom with matching bedding and curtains again – I think they can really make a difference to a room don’t you? Read more

Garden makeover plans

View from the bottom of the garden back up towards the house

**This is a collaborative post

If you’ve read and/or watched my house tour I mentioned that I hadn’t seen our new house until the day we got the keys. I had seen lots of photographs and when we finally came to see our new house it was all pretty much like I expected. The only thing that hadn’t come across on the pictures was just how steep the garden is. It’s really not very safe for the boys to play in at the moment and  we are desperately in need of a garden makeover. We’re not going to be able to do all the work ourselves though and will probably need a landscape gardener and a tree surgeon too. Read more

House tour // A walk around my house of surprises

You might have read or watched the tour of our new kitchen diner recently and perhaps wondered how it fits into the rest of our house. The kitchen is at the front of the house which is a little unusual but in fact our whole house is a little unusual!

A house tour

We moved here from a three bedroom new build up in Scotland last August, and although I had seen lots of pictures I hadn’t actually seen the house until we got the keys. Which was perhaps a little bit silly, and put a lot of pressure on Barry who had seen the house, but I was confident we had made the right decision. Read more