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When we moved house we decided that although the master bedroom was upstairs, we would take one of the other bedrooms downstairs so we could be next to the boys’ room. You can see our rather unusual house layout in my house tour video so you can see what I mean.

At the moment we are living in a mismatched room with our old bed and bedding, a wardrobe full of the boys’ clothes, not enough storage for our own things and the curtains from the living room at our old house! I can’t wait until we have a lovely bedroom with matching bedding and curtains again – I think they can really make a difference to a room don’t you?

Our bed and old living room curtains

The plan eventually is that we will dormer the front of the house to make new bedrooms for Toby and Gabe, we will move into the master bedroom and downstairs will become office and playroom space. That probably isn’t going to happen for a good few years yet though, but equally it will happen soon enough that it’s not really worth decorating the bedroom we have at the moment.

Current bedroom with the boys' wardrobe

While I wait until we’ve saved enough money to convert the roof space upstairs I am dreaming of what I want to do with our new bedroom. At the moment it has lots of fitted wardrobes and cupboards but they’ll all be coming out and I am planning a walk in wardrobe instead! I would also love to have a big armchair in the bedroom – a quiet place for me to sit and read, and escape from the chaos of life with two boys for a bit.

I have been busy on Pinterest gathering lots of ideas together – I’m definitely drawn to the calm greys and blush pinks, quite a minimalist Scandi look but cosy all the same. Blackout curtains are a must – we don’t have them and at the moment we often get woken up with the sun streaming into the room at 6 am! I think I will just go for plain curtains though – perhaps something like the silver thermal blackout curtains from They not only keep the light out but they can also keep it warm in winter and cool in summer too.

Thermal Blackout curtains from Yorkshire Linen

We really need a new bed too – I bought our IKEA Malm bed when I first bought a flat 14 years ago and after going through two house moves it has definitely seen better days! My dad had to perform emergency repairs on it after it collapsed last year and now it has started really creaking too. I’d love a bed with a big upholstered headboard this time, and my ideal bed would have ottoman storage underneath. I love this one from Furniture Village.

Ottoman bed

I definitely want our new bedroom to feel cozy so there’ll be plenty of knitted throws, cushions, rugs and definitely some of these Cable & Cotton lights.

You can see some more of my bedroom inspiration ideas on my Pinterest board – but you might need to come back in a few years if you want to see the finished room!

In the meantime I’ll keep browsing bedroom ideas until I find the perfect bedding and curtains for our new bedroom – I’m hoping the boys will actually be sleeping well by then and I don’t want anything else to be keeping me awake. Comfy bedding and blackout curtains will definitely be top of my shopping list!

Bedroom makeover inspiration

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  1. I love the colour scheme in your pinterest boards. I really wish I knew how to use Pinterest.

    Your bedroom looks really big, like you’ve got lots of space to play with.


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