The UK’s best zoos to visit with the kids

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Everyone loves the zoo. The perfect family destination that’s got plenty of interesting animal sights and sounds for both kids and parents to enjoy, and a day that’s not too heavy on the pocket either. On top of that, a day at the zoo can usually tie in nicely to a wider trip, making it a perfect memorable holiday moment.

With so many locations around the UK to choose from, here are five top picks for a seriously fun day out with your nearest and dearest.

Two giraffes in a zoo

Chester Zoo

Ask most people to name a zoo in the UK and the first name you’ll likely hear is Chester. A truly global zoo, Chester has 125 acres of wild and wonderful habitats to offer – ranging from Sub-Saharan Africa through to the tropical climates of South America.

What does that mean for animals? Lions, tigers, bears and everything in between from African painted dogs to almost prehistoric reptiles like the Komodo Dragon. If the kids want to learn about the world of animals around them – this is the place to be.

London Zoo

London makes a brilliant family holiday and is definitely one of those cities everyone should go to at least once in their life, and the zoo offers an awesome animal adventure day that won’t cost you an arm and a leg (and we know the capital is pricey at the best of times).

London Zoo has plenty to offer both in terms of animals to see and interactive activities for the whole family to get involved with. Jump on a safari for the day or let the kids become a “junior keeper” for a special occasion. Plus, with Discount London, you can grab a great day package for even cheaper.

Edinburgh Zoo

Another beautiful city with a number of must-see locations, Edinburgh’s zoo is only a short walk outside of the city. Be ready when you get there, though – the zoo is built on a pretty steep hill so it might not be the best for smaller children with smaller legs.

If you are willing to get a bit more of a workout for your rewards, you’ll find expansive plots devoted to some of the world’s most spectacular animals, plus some superb interactive areas – one gives you the chance to get seriously up close and personal with the monkeys.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

How far do you think you need to go to see some polar bears? Well, if you live up north, the answer is not very far at all. Doncaster is home to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which is known as the best spot in the UK to see these amazing Artic beasts in the flesh.

That’s not all there is to the park, of course – lions, tigers, rhinos and monkeys are just some of the other awe-inspiring animals you can see. If you want to teach your kids about conservation and how we’re affecting the world around us, Yorkshire Wildlife Park might just be your best bet.

Blackpool Zoo

T rex in the Dinosaur Safari at Blackpool Zoo

This last one is my local zoo, although it’s a little while since we went there last. The newest animals at Blackpool Zoo are the elephants who live in their brand new enclosure Project Elephant. It’s not just about the living animals at Blackpool Zoo either – if your kids love dinosaurs then they’ll definitely love the Dinosaur Safari!

So, five great zoos around the country. The good news is all offer a brilliant array of animals to see, plus some interactive elements that will get the kids truly immersed in the day out. Even with summer over, a day at the zoo never fails to impress.

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  1. This looks brilliant! That sounds amazing and what a fun addition to the real animals. This looks like a great day out for the whole family! Lovely photos so I will have to add it to our ‘to do’ list.

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