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Toby started suffering from eczema when he was a few months old. It’s always been relatively mild and he hasn’t had a flair up for a while now. I still have to be careful what I use on his skin though and make sure I moisturise his legs every day to avoid them getting dry and sore. We have mostly been using Doublebase from the doctor to moisturise but when the people at Salcura Natural Skin Therapy got in touch to ask if we’d like to try any of their new Bioskin Junior range which are designed specifically for babies and children with eczema and severe dryness I was happy to give them a try.

The Details

Bioskin Junior

We were sent the Bioskin Junior Daily Nourishing Spray and Bath Milk to try. The Daily Nourishing Spray is 92% natural origin and retails at £19.99 for a 250ml bottle. The Bath Milk is 98% natural origin and retails at £9.99 for 300ml. All Bioskin Junior products (there is also an Outbreak Rescue Cream, Shampoo and Face & Body wash) are suitable for babies from 3 months up.

The Pros

  • The Daily Nourishing Spray is very easy to apply, especially to a very wriggly baby! All it takes is a couple of sprays and it is absorbed very easily without the need for a lot of rubbing in.
  • The spray smells pleasant and I really like its light, non-greasy consistency.
  • For the last couple of weeks I have been using the spray on Toby’s legs twice a day and they have stayed soft and smooth without the flair ups or dry, rough skin that he sometimes gets.
  • I have also tried the spray on the eczema inside my elbow and I was pleased that it doesn’t sting at all, even on broken and damaged skin.
  • The Bath Milk also smells very nice (it contains lavender and chamomile) and it isn’t greasy like some of the emollients we have used in the bath previously.
  • Toby hasn’t had any reaction or complaints about the Bath Milk and it seems to be helping to keep his skin hydrated.
  • The Bioskin Junior products natural ingredients mean I have no worries about what I am putting on Toby’s skin.

Bioskin Junior Bath Milk

The Cons

  • The only downside for me with Bioskin Junior is the price. I don’t think these products are overly expensive, especially given how well they work, but I was also happy with the cream and bath additive that we get on prescription for free from the doctor.

The Verdict

I do like the Bioskin Junior products and have found the Daily Nourishing Spray very easy to apply. It does a great job at keeping Toby’s skin moisturised and I am always happy when I can use natural products on his skin. I would also be interested in trying the Outbreak Rescue Cream – if it is as effective as the other products it could be a great alternative to using steroid creams as we have had to in the past. I would definitely recommend Bioskin Junior products to anyone whose baby or child suffers from dry skin or eczema.

**Disclosure: I was sent these Bioskin Junior products in return for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. They sound really nice, Bagl has mild eczema too and we also use Doublebase. Bit too expensive for us though, but I suppose a bottle of something could end up in his stocking this year, I’m a big fan of giving useful presents!

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