Siblings // Toby and Gabe in March

The relationship between Toby and Gabe has continued to develop this month. Toby is very pleased with the fact he can make Gabe laugh and will always tell me when he’s done it which is very sweet. He still veers between being kind and giving Gabe toys and complaining or trying to take them off him when he thinks that they are his. I’m sure that will only get worse as Gabe gets bigger and wants to play with everything!

Gabe is still completely fascinated by Toby and will always give him a smile, even when he’s being totally grumpy with everyone else.

I love the photos that I managed to take of the boys together this month. They were just taken on a morning at home, when Gabe was full of a cold and mostly feeling sorry for himself…but just look at them together.

Brother cuddles

And look how Gabe looks at his big brother…

I love my big brother

Neither of them look entirely convinced about this cuddle though…

Unsure of the cuddle

Toby loves to give his brother kisses on the head…

A kiss for my brother

…But he doesn’t always think about where his hands are going…

Blinded by kisses

I love the pair of them so much and I’m so glad there’s a real bond starting to develop between them. I can’t wait until Gabe is crawling and walking and really big enough to play with his brother.

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