Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (June 2014)

So, another month gone. Half way through the year. And time for our June Me & Mine photo.

The first two weeks of June we were on holiday in Brittany (and I know I’ve mentioned it a few times but I will get round to writing up a proper post about it eventually). After a week back at home I was away again, off to Britmums Live while my boys had a weekend home alone. This weekend was our first proper weekend at home for the whole month and we made a good start on organising our house. I’d managed to tidy up the garage with a trip to the tip during the week so we could get round to moving my old desk out of the spare room/office and rearranging the furniture to make some more space and to hopefully make it a more appealing place to be so we’ll actually use it! Barry also did some good tidying up in the garden – it was a bit of a jungle after being so busy all month. I really don’t enjoy gardening (and I’m mostly excused due my hayfever!) but I do like to enjoy the fruits of his labour – even if it’s only looking at it out of the kitchen window!

So anyway, to this month’s photo. This one was taken by my dad while we were on holiday. This is in Vannes – a lovely town in south Brittany where we’d just been out for lunch. We’re looking a bit squinty unfortunately (I really must work out where the best place for the light is in a picture to avoid the squinty eye look) but I still like this photo of us on our first family holiday abroad.


7 thoughts on “Me & Mine: A Family Portrait (June 2014)

  1. We’ve had a manic June too, as it would seem have most people. But good manic! But your holiday sounds lovely, I went to Brittany when I was younger and it was beautiful. Love the photo and all your hats. x

  2. That’s a gorgeous photo! I love that it was taken on holiday. Your Hubby looks like a friendly chap, hopefully we’ll get to meet him – and Toby – one day! x
    PS, are you and Hubby wearing matching hats? x

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