Traveling To Ireland with Kids

Family holidays are the best times to make unforgettable memories. No matter the age of your kids, you are bound to experience a special family bonding that you will always remember with happiness.

When going to Ireland with your family, especially when they are kids, you might be inclined to think that the stress is not worth it. However, the cheap transportation options available, the history and culture oozing from the land, the myriad attractions that are not just perfect for the family but also incredible for kids of different ages, make Ireland a perfect holiday spot for the whole family.

Irish coastline

If you have made the perfect decision to make Ireland the next destination for your family getaway, then you need to read the few tips we have to make the trip go smoothly with the kids.

How to Pack For Your Kids

Rain in Ireland is almost as constant as the air. However, you cannot let this deter you from visiting the numerous lands of castles and fairies. Since you can’t avoid the rain and to stay indoors isn’t always an option, you need to take measures to make it as comfortable as possible.

Constant rain and cold can often make kids fall sick, thereby marring the fun of the trip. Therefore, it is quite important to invest in thick clothing. Having a thick raincoat, waterproof boots, warm socks, and fleece jackets will prevent you from having to stay indoors because of bad weather. Falling sick as a result of the weather will no longer be an option also.

Travel Insurance

This is a very important part of your travel checklist. In order to cover yourself from unseen events that could end up costing you more while traveling, it is important to have travel insurance.

Travel insurance will protect you from events like loss of luggage, cancellation cover, medical emergencies, and theft.

If you are buying travel insurance first time, then it will be a good idea to compare insurance quotes online from the Ireland insurance website to find the best insurance deal for holiday insurance and car insurance.

Going To Ireland

Depending on where you are coming from, traveling to Ireland by air can take anywhere from 1 hour to 7 hours. So, you will most likely be arriving in Ireland as the sun rises.

If you are coming from the UK, you can take advantage of the beautiful scenery on the road by driving to Ireland instead of flying. Just like flying, you will need little to no documentation to get into Ireland.

If you are coming from anywhere else, especially the United States, you will most likely be arriving in Ireland in the morning. You might be looking forward to getting into your room and sleeping, but it is more advisable to beat the jet lag and freshen up at the airport so you can get into your activities and sleep later at night. This way, you would have had a nap inflight and also make the kids’ catch some sleep so you can start your next day on Ireland time.

Getting Around the Emerald Island

Although there are a couple of ways you can move around Ireland with your family, the best way is to drive them around.

If you are coming from the UK, you can always come in your car and make things easier by driving your family around the various sites. However, if you are coming from farther places or decide to come by air, you can always rent a car in Ireland.  There are five things you must know before renting a car in Ireland.

Regardless of which method you decide on, you will have to learn to drive on the opposite side of the road and also familiarize yourself with the traffic laws and roads in Ireland. Also, it is quite important that your insurance covers driving a car on foreign soil.

Best Attractions in Ireland

There are a lot of sites that will definitely excite the whole family. But, there are a few select ones that are bound to leave a lasting memory in the minds of everyone, especially the kids.

  • Fota Wildlife Park

This constantly visited 100-acre land is home to numerous animals such as Kangaroo, Emu, Zebra, European Bison, Giraffe and much more. Even better is the fact that they are not confined in cages but are allowed to move around freely.

Located 6 miles to the east of Cork City, you can explore this haven either on foot or via the safari train. With lots of attractions like the acrobatic monkeys, this park will definitely wow the entire family.

  • National Aquatic Centre

This place is so much fun that it is even popular with the locals. If you are tired of the outdoor activities, then this is the perfect place for you to take a break from hiking and so on, and enjoythe beauty of the indoor facility.

Attractions like the water slide and the huge family-friendly pools will be sure to make the kids squeal with pleasure while the adults take a much-needed rest.

  • Irish Pubs

Irelands and Pubs are like fish and water. You can’t experience one without the other. And although most people tend to see the pub as an adult experience, children can also visit and have fun.

An Irish Pub is more than a place to drink. It is a community gathering place and also a place to relax and enjoy the entertainment.

Where to Stay And What To Eat

Although there are numerous hotels around the country, renting a cottage may be your best option once you are outside the cities. You won’t just be saving money, you will also have a chance to make your own meals and simplify issues with fussy eaters.

If you will be staying in one place for more than a week, it will be advisable for you to rent out a whole house. You will save more and also have more space.

Ireland is the perfect holiday location for you and your family. But, in order to ensure you have an itch-free holiday with your kids, the above tips are recommended.

Enjoy your stay!

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