This time ten years ago…

I was tagged to do this meme by the ever lovely Donna at Redhead Babyled. It’s actually been quite hard to think what I was doing back in 2004…and it’s made me feel old! But anyway, here we go.

Ten years ago… I was a month off being 26 years old. Jeez – 26 and I still felt like a kid! I actually genuinely thought I was 26 for two years and was really confused when I turned 28.

Ten years ago… I had been living in Scotland for about five months after moving here for my job. I had been working on campsites in France for the six years previously (on and off) but had moved to Scotland to work for Canvas Holidays to do recruitment and training. I was originally planning on going back to France for another summer but had just been offered a permanent job in the office so was staying in Scotland for the foreseeable future.

Ten years ago… I was living on my own in a rented flat. My brother had been living with me over the winter but he had just gone back out to France for another summer season.

Ten years ago… I was single – and not particularly happily so. It was all very complicated and messy. I had been going out with a guy I worked with in France. We had split up about 18 months earlier and I thought I was fine about it. He then moved to Scotland to work in the office too and we had a very short rekindling of our relationship. I wanted to get back with him, he didn’t. I was sad. Quite a while after that he started going out with one of our other friends (who was also our boss – told you it was messy!). They are now happily married with two kids and it all worked out fine in the end but it wasn’t an especially happy time for me.

Ten years ago… I had not long got my new car. A lovely wee red Fiesta that I got after my old Vauxhall Nova was stolen (twice!) and written off. I loved that little car!

Ten years ago… I used to go to the pub with my friends (who were also my colleagues – there were five or six of us who had worked in France together who all moved to Scotland at the same time) every Friday night straight from work. Stay there until they kicked us out and then quite often go on to one of out local ‘nite spots’ to dance to Bryan Adams and drink Apple Sourz – all still on our office clothes! Most Saturdays were spent sleeping off a hangover. I would also feel extra rubbish because I was in the process of giving up smoking and although I wouldn’t smoke during the week I would be useless on a night out. Not something I would want to do now but it was fun at the time!

Ten years ago… I was trying to lose weight – as always! Although I seem to remember I was actually fairly happy with my weight at the time. I joined a gym for the first time in my life and enjoyed going to Body Combat and Body Pump classes. I had to do something to offset all the weekend binge drinking!

Ten years ago… I was planning on using the free holiday I got from work to go and visit my brother in the south of France and take two of his friends (who were sort of my friends too) with me.

Ten years ago… I had no real plans for the future. I was happy just to live life as it happened and see where it took me.

Ten years ago… I had absolutely no idea that in ten years time I would still be living in Scotland, that I would be a teacher or that I would be married and have a baby. Or that it would be another six years before I would meet the man who was going to become my husband!

Ten years ago… I didn’t have a digital camera and so I can’t find any photographs at all to share with you! All my printed photos are in a box in the loft so next time I’m up there I’ll have a rummage and see what I can find. The closest I can come up with for now is this one from 2005 which I think was taken for an ID badge at work or something like that! I don’t think I look much different – apart from the long hair.

me colour

And this one which was taken at a wedding in 2006.



So that was me ten years ago – what I can remember of it anyway. It’s strange what time can do to your memory isn’t it?

So what were you up to ten years ago? I tag Chantelle at Seychelles Mama, Hannah at Make Do and Push, and Eline at Pasta & Patchwork


8 thoughts on “This time ten years ago…

  1. What a lovely meme! Ten years is like a life time ago! I’m envious of your working on campsites in France – its something I looked at several times but never quite got my act together on!

  2. thank you for sharing this, what a lovely idea and loved reading more about you 🙂 10 years does change you as a person in my opinion 🙂 xx

  3. Wow it’s amazing how much can change in ten years – it’s lovely to look back and see how the things that seemed big at the time can seem so little now, it adds a bit of perspective!

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