World Book Day with Milly & Flynn

We’ve reviewed some books and toys from the lovely Milly & Flynn before so when they got in touch again and asked if we would like to join in their 10 minutes book club (#10minsbookclub) for World Book Day I was very happy to agree. (And I know World Book Day was two weeks ago now but bear with me!)

We read to Toby every bedtime (the number of stories he gets sometimes depends on how late it is and how well behaved he’s been though!) and in the last month or so Gabe has really started enjoying books too. He’s not so much one for sitting and listening to a story but we have plenty of books that he likes to look at. He’s started bringing books over to us when he wants us to read to him, or sometimes he’ll even just sit and look at them himself.

The boys weren’t at nursery for World Book Day so we didn’t do any dressing up – I’m sure I won’t get off so easily next year when Toby is a school though! But to coincide with the day Milly & Flynn sent us some new books and challenged us to read for 10 minutes every day.

The first book we read was I am NOT a lizard – this is a lovely book and, sorry for the spoiler, but Toby and Gabe really enjoyed practising their dragon roars! This was a really favourite with Toby and he’s asked for it loads of times since.

We were also sent a lovely copy of The Gingerbread Man and Toby really enjoyed this as his bedtime story. We actually already have another version of this story but it is an early reader kind of book so the language is very basic. This one from Milly & Flynn is a little bit more detailed but was familiar enough for Toby to join in on the ‘run, run as fast as you can’ bits.

Toby reading The Gingerbread Man at bedtime

Milly & Flynn have several series of books – one of them is ‘Bigger and bigger…’ and we were sent Bigger and bigger wheels. This is a lovely sturdy board book and Gabe found it very easy to turn the different sized pages as they get bigger and bigger.

The last book we read as part of our #10minsbookclub challenge was I saw a shark. I read this with Toby while Gabe was napping and he really enjoyed lifting the flaps to see what else the boy had seen at the park. It also helped him practice his counting and number recognition too so that was an added bonus. Toby declared this one his favourite of all the new books we received.

I absolutely loved reading when I was a child, and I still do if I ever find the time to pick up a book. I really hope Toby and Gabe keep on enjoying reading as they get older – there’s nothing better than being able to lose yourself in a good book. I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my favourites with them when they get a bit older. I hope they like them as much as I did…

I’ve made a little video of us reading some of the books we were sent, I hope you enjoy it.

World Book Day with Milly & Flynn

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  1. World Book Day is such a great thing and a fun way to get the kids involved with reading. Thanks for sharing your lovely post. I love the huge cushion toby is sitting on. The gingerbread man is an all time favourite of mine.

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