What Toby Wore // Maxomorra

I’ve shared some Maxomorra with you before – we’ve got quite a lot between the two boys. This time it’s Toby’s turn though and he is actually head to toe in Maxomorra today, which might just be a bit much, even for me!

Maxomorra fox leggings with matching stripey top and socks

I love this outfit though – Toby always looks so comfortable in leggings. I got these fox ones a couple of months ago but I couldn’t find anything to put them with. Then when my mum was visiting at the end of February we went to an actual shop that sells Scandi clothing (Funky Rascal in Cupar – run by a Swedish lady nonetheless) and they had this t-shirt in the colours to match the leggings. And when I saw they had matching socks too I couldn’t resist!

I thought it would be sweet to take some photos with Gabe’s fox in them too but Toby insisted we have the elephant as well!

Toby in Maxomorra foxes

This is Toby showing me that elephants go ‘stomp stomp’, hence the blurry foot…

Elephants go stomp stomp

And I’m not quite sure what he was doing with his face here – I think he was maybe trying to trumpet like an elephant. I love the cheeky look he’s got in his eyes though.

Toby's cheeky face in Maxomorra striped top

There’s plenty more Maxomorra in the boys’ wardrobe so I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m showing you some more!




What Gabe Wore // Maxomorra & JNY

One of my new found loves when it comes to the boys is ‘Scandi’ fashion – clothes by Scandinavian brands. These brands are stocked by quite a large selection of UK independent retailers and their clothes are known for their bright colours and fabulous prints.

Maxomorra lime green

Toby and Gabe are building up quite a collection now, mostly things that I’ve picked up in sales as they don’t always come cheap but they are well made and hold their value well. Anything I buy for Toby I will keep for Gabe and then I can sell things on as Gabe grows out of them.

So anyway, on to this week’s outfit…

Gabe is wearing a bodysuit by JNY which I got in a mystery box from Little Footprint Boutique. I love the forest print – especially that moose!

JNY Forest bodysuit

The dungarees are by Maxomorra (probably one of the most well-known Scandi brands). I got them from KyNa Boutique – and I have to give a mention to Jenny who owns and runs KyNa because she’s just so lovely! She’s always happy to answer any questions and her packaging and super speedy (and free!) delivery is just brilliant.

Maxomorra dungarees

Anyway, these dungarees were also bought in a sale a while ago. I love them so much I have the next size up in red for Gabe too. I just really like the velour – it looks so comfy and it reminds me of clothes from my childhood. My only complaint with these dungas is that they don’t have poppers on the legs so I have to take them off completely to check or change Gabe’s nappy.


The last item that needs a mention is Gabe’s Snoodie dribble bib from Mama Designs (which is incidentally also where I got the orange cellular blanket that Gabe is lying on). Gabe is quite dribbly at the moment so he really needs bib on all the time. The trouble with traditional bibs or the bandana dribble bibs is that if he’s lying down or in his chair then he tends to flip them up over his face and then can’t work out how to get them down again. The Snoodie avoids that problem but still works to catch the dribble. As an added bonus I also realised that they make great neck warmers for Toby in this cold weather too!

That’s it for this week – I’ll be back next week with a ‘twinning is winning’ post from both boys.

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