Living Arrows 44/52 (2017)

Finally, we made it through the last week of school and it’s half term! Toby has been so tired the last week, I’ve had to wake him up a few mornings, he’s been getting upset for no reason, he’s been wetting his pants a lot, and on Wednesday he managed to fall over at school four times! He’s now full of a cold and we’re going away today for a few days in the Lake District but I hope he manages to get some rest and recover while we’re away. Read more

Living Arrows 30/52 (2017)

Toby looking like a dude in his sunglasses

After a reasonably quiet week at home, yesterday we made an effort to get out of the house. We went to Stanley Park in Blackpool, for ice cream, scooting and feeding the ducks.

We had a lovely morning really but as always for us in public places we had to cope with Toby’s massive fear of dogs. He did get a bit better for a while but in the last few weeks we have gone back to proper tears and panic whenever he sees a dog, and if one happens to bark near him we’re on for a full meltdown.

We do our best to reassure him that he’s safe, that the dogs are on leads or being controlled by their owners but he is genuinely terrified. Read more

Living Arrows 27/52 (2017)

Toby playing on the beach in Blackpool

I feel like a broken record with these posts sometimes but the weeks just go so fast and we don’t often do anything very exciting!

Toby enjoyed his second settling session at school on Thursday, now he just has to wait 8 weeks before he actually starts properly. Only 8 weeks though, and my baby is going to be starting school – he’s not even four until next week!

On Saturday my parents were part of the team organising the National Scout Car Races – it’s something they have been involved with since I was tiny but I haven’t been myself for years. This year it was back in Blackpool so we went along with the boys to have a look. Read more