Introducing. . .

This is only going to be a short post, I’ll follow it up with the full birth story and some proper photos as soon as I get a chance. As I write this on my phone at 2am I am watching TV with a sleeping baby in my arms who is just less than 48 hours old. 

Gabriel was born at 3:43am on Monday, three days past his due date. He was born at home, after a very quick labour. He weighed 6lb 13oz (3oz more than his brother). 

Toby somehow, miraculously, slept through the whole thing! (Not so tonight, I’ve just spent an hour trying to get him back to sleep and he is still awake and talking to himself!). I think he was a bit confused when he came downstairs to find the baby wasn’t in mummy’s tummy any more. He slowly seems to be getting used to him though. 

I’ll leave it at that for now. Thank you to everyone who has congratulated us on social media, I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more baby spam from me in the coming days and weeks! 

Toby is one year old!

One year old!! The first update I wrote on this blog was when Toby was four months old and now he’s one. I know everyone says it but I really can’t believe how quickly the time has gone.

one year old

There have been a few developments this month; Toby seems to be getting bigger every day (and everyone comments on how massive he is!) but I still haven’t had him weighed since he was 10 months old. He’s still very long and skinny though, not your typical chubby baby in the slightest. He’s so strong though – he doesn’t stay still unless he’s sleeping and if we try and sit with him he wriggles away and crawls all over us. Nappy changes are often something of a challenge!

Toby now has eight teeth and had his first visit to the dentist today, although he refused to let the dentist actually look at his teeth! I thought we might get a bit of a break from teething for a while but his sleep has been all over the place for the last week and after a feel around his mouth today I think one of his first molars might be on its way. Did I mention that I hate teething?

Toby still loves to stand up but won’t do it unless he’s pulled himself up. He did actually let go and stand unsupported the other day but only for a few seconds and he hasn’t tried it since. He’s cruising a little bit but still mostly prefers to sit down, crawl to where he wants to go then stand up again. He got a push along trolley/walker thing for his birthday though so maybe that will encourage him to start walking rather than crawling. His favourite toy is still his stacking cups. He doesn’t try and stack them but he’s got very good at separating them then putting them back inside one another again. He’s started giving some of his soft toys cuddles recently too which is so cute! And he’s still giving us lots of cuddles too (and less biting which is good).

one year old cuddles

We still don’t have any real words – Toby does now say mama and mum as well as dada, and we sometimes get yeah and hiya, but I still don’t think he really knows what he’s saying. He’s very cute babbling away to us though.

Toby’s still eating pretty much anything we put in front of him, although he does have days when he seems to have less of an appetite than others. Breadsticks are a firm favourite (in fact, so much that I do worry slightly about how many he eats!) and cherry tomatoes are high on the list too. We have started to make the switch to cow’s milk but after lots of night waking we’re going to stick with formula at bedtime for now in case hunger is part of the problem. He’s accepted cow’s milk without any trouble though, although it is still warm and in a bottle so I wouldn’t imagine there’s much difference. He’s also doing better with drinking water – we couldn’t get him to use a sippy cup at all really, despite trying all sorts of different ones so he now uses a bottle with a silicone straw and is really good at drinking from it. We’re trying to make an effort to offer him a drink more often too, to make sure he is getting enough fluids throughout the day.

And I think that’s about it for this month. Toby’s such a little character these days and I can’t wait to see what developments will come next!

Toby is ten months old!

ten months old cheeky

Another month gone – Toby is ten months old and we are getting closer and closer to his first birthday, I really don’t know where the time is going!

Toby has been doing some more growing this month. I finally got round to having him weighed the other day and he is now 21lb 10oz and happily sitting just below the 75th centile line. I’m not surprised though – he loves his food and is still eating everything we give him. He’s now wearing all 12-18 month vests and sleepsuits and some other clothes too. I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s grown out of all his 9-12 month clothes too. I know some people find it sad when their baby grows out of stuff but I’m just happy that Toby has new clothes for me to put him in! I’ve got him some really cute things to wear on our holidays, and I hope we get some nice weather this summer so he can get plenty of use out of them!

The big development this month has been that Toby is properly crawling on his hands and knees now. He still drops down to his tummy and commando crawls sometimes but whichever way he chooses to move he is very speedy! He is almost managing to sit himself up now too and has started reaching up for things on tables and shelves although he isn’t really trying to pull himself up yet.

He still has six teeth but I’m fairly sure the next bottom two are only a few days away (at least I hope so). Toby seems to suffer much worse with the bottom teeth than he did with the top ones and he’s been waking up in the a lot for the last few nights. It’s so horrible to hear him in pain and not really being able to do anything about it except administer Calpol and cuddles. Talking of sleep this month has been OK on the whole, although when we were on holiday it was a nightmare trying to get Toby to go to sleep. He would properly scream whenever we left the room we were sleeping in and I ended up lying on the single bed in there for ages most nights until he was calm enough to go to sleep. Once he was asleep he slept all night but it was horrible because it’s just something we’re not used to. At home we give Toby his milk, put him in his sleeping bag, say ‘night night Toby, sleepy time now’ and leave the room. And that’s it, he goes to sleep on his own. I think there were a few things contributing to the screaming on holiday though – firstly, now he’s older he’s much more aware of his surroundings and he knew he wasn’t at home. He hasn’t slept in the travel cot since Christmas either so that was different. It was really hot in the cottage too, even with no heating on, so hot that eventually I ended up just putting him to bed in his sleepsuit, without his sleeping bag at all. And lastly, the room had a skylight. There was a blackout blind but there was a small gap letting light in and I think looking up at that maybe freaked Toby out a bit too. I’m sure being out every day and not getting his proper naps didn’t help either. He was back to normal as soon as we got home so it wasn’t too much of a disaster – I’m just hoping we don’t get a repeat performance when we go on holiday to France next month!

ten months old in your face

He’s still such a cheeky little boy, always ready with a smile and a giggle (despite the teething!). It was lovely when we were away that he seems to have started to recognise his grandparents – he certainly had big smiles for them all when he saw them. He babbles away all the time too, although despite Barry’s best efforts to teach him he’s not really managed to say Dada yet, apart from a couple of times which I think were more luck than intention! He’s new way of communicating this month though, which I’m not quite as keen on is squealing. It’s so high-pitched and so loud too! I think he must be trying to shatter glass or something. It can be very cute though – when I had been in Dundee for the day for my Spanish course, and left before Toby got up he did the biggest squeals of excitement when he saw me walk back through the door.

So I think that’s it for this month – Toby is ten months old already, and he’s developing so quickly. I wonder what the next month will bring?

Toby is nine months old!

nine months old in a box

We’ve made it to one of the big milestones – at nine months old Toby has now been out of my tummy for as long as he was in it! He’s actually 39 weeks old but as he never made it to 40 weeks (he was born 8 days early) he really has been out in the world for as long as I was pregnant. It makes you realise just how long pregnancy is because although time is flying it feels like Toby has been with us forever.

So what’s Toby been up to this month? Growing it seems! He was weighed a couple of days after he turned eight months old and was 20lb 1oz. He’s not been weighed yet this month but I did measure him yesterday and he has grown 9cm in the last two months. He has always been in the 91st centile for his height but he is now off the top of the chart! No wonder he’s already growing out of some 12-18 month sleepsuits.

On the movement front Toby is well and truly commando crawling. He does get up and on his hands and knees, and hands and feet in an impressive downward dog, but since he figured our his commando crawling he seems to have given up trying to crawl in the more traditional way. With his new found movement skills he is getting into everything. His favourite for now seems to be exploring our fireplace. We got some foam stuff to put round the bottom so he doesn’t hurt himself on the marble but all he wants to do now is eat it – so we are making our first real forays into trying to teach him what ‘no’ means. I’m rubbish though, he looks at me with such mischief in his eyes that I can’t help laughing!

nine months old exploring the vegetables

Since last month we have got four new teeth so that makes six all together. Toby’s top four teeth have all come through at the same time but luckily for him (and for us!) they don’t seem to have caused him as much trouble as the bottom two did. It has made for a pretty grumpy month though, and lots of disturbed sleep although he is still only really waking up once a night at most and sometimes still sleeping right through.

Eating is still going very well. Since we got a second car a couple of weeks ago Barry is getting home from work much earlier so Toby is now having three meals a day and staying up with us for his tea. Broccoli (or brocco-lollies as we call them because Toby holds it like a lolly and sucks all the end off!) and banana seem to be favourite foods so far but he still eats everything we put in front of him. He has three bottles a day (first thing, before afternoon nap and before bed) but he isn’t always that interested in milk. We have been trying, without much success, to get him to drink water and I’ve been a bit worried that he isn’t getting enough fluids but he seems fine and is still having plenty of wet and dirty nappies so I guess he’s OK. Big news this month (which I’ve already written about here) is that Toby isn’t taking any medication now and seems to have well and truly grown out of his reflux. Hurray!

Although it’s a bit of a nightmare chasing Toby all over the house making sure he doesn’t get up to any mischief I am loving seeing him exploring everything. He has such a cheeky personality and is always smiling and laughing. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Toby has started giving us cuddles – well his latest thing seems to be trying to give us kisses too. At least that’s what I’ve decided he’s trying to do when he licks our necks and faces – it’s either that or he’s turning into a vampire baby and is just trying to eat us! He likes to give himself kisses in his mirror too!

kisses at nine months old

I got Toby’s photo taken yesterday too so we can apply for his first passport ready for our holiday to France in June (which we haven’t actually booked yet!). We’re all looking forward to our first holiday abroad and Toby will be almost one by then! Before that though we’ve got a week in the Lake District to look forward to at the end of this month and we’ll see how Toby copes away from home now he’s a bit older and more aware of his surroundings. Hopefully the change to his routine won’t bother him too much.

So that’s it for this month’s update – time is going so quickly but I’m loving seeing my baby turn into a cheeky little boy.

Living Arrows 12/52

We’re into week 12 of the Living Arrows project. If you haven’t been to the I Heart Snapping blog then I urge you to check it out. There are loads of great tips for improving your own photography as well as lots of inspirational photos to look at.

This week Toby is so close to properly crawling! I’ve said before he can get all over the place by rolling and wriggling.

Living Arrows 12/52

This week has definitely seen an improvement in his commando crawling – he can now go forwards as well as backwards. He has been getting up on his knees for a few weeks too but in the last day or so he started trying to move his legs. The funniest thing though has to be something I’ve only seen him do today – get up on his feet and hands. He looks like he’s practising his yoga poses…until he collapses in a heap on the floor!

Living Arrows 12/52

I’m sure it’s only a matter of days before he figures out what he needs to do with his arms and legs to really get moving. And then there’ll be no stopping him and we really will need to get a playpen!

Cuddles (The Ordinary Moments #19)

Apart from when he was a tiny baby Toby hasn’t been into cuddles very much. He’s so nosy and interested in everything that’s going on around him that if you try and give him a cuddle he’s always turning and squirming, trying to see what’s going on behind him. He’ll sometimes sit on my knee and rest against me while we’re watching TV but usually he’s just desperate to get away and explore.

The last few weeks though Toby seems to have started to realise that cuddles can actually be quite nice! When I go in to get him up in the morning or after his naps he is usually on his tummy, pushing up on his arms, craning to see me coming in. If I go and put my arm under him and give him a cuddle that way he has actually started cuddling my arm back – it’s so cute!

Baby cuddles

And then, when I’m settling him down to go to sleep I usually put him up on my shoulder and he’s started snuggling his head in and even sometimes giving my shoulder a bit of a squeeze. And sometimes he just uses me as a ladder and tries to climb up over my shoulder! But you can’t have everything…

Anyway, I love these new cuddles with my baby boy (although they are very hard to capture on camera so apologies for the rubbish picture!). It’s so sweet and I’m looking forward to him working out just how awesome cuddles can be and wanting them even more often.

mummy daddy me

Living Arrows 11/52

Week 11 of Living Arrows photographs. I absolutely love looking at all the other posts each week, even if I don’t quite get round to commenting on them all. If you haven’t been to the I Heart Snapping blog then I urge you to check it out.

This weeks photo is another close up portrait. Toby is generally a very smiley baby but I love to capture his more serious side too. I just love his little face and those eyes that feel like they’re looking right into your heart. I wonder what he is thinking?

Living Arrows 11_52

living arrows

Toby is eight months old!

eight months old

I know I say this every month but I can’t believe another month has gone already. I suppose February was a particularly short month but even so it only seems like a couple of weeks since I was writing that Toby was seven months old! But there’s nothing we can do, time is definitely moving forwards and Toby is now eight months old!

I don’t actually know what Toby weighs at the moment as we haven’t been to the clinic since the beginning of last month, but he’s definitely getting bigger. He’s been wearing 9-12 month sleepsuits and vests for a while now (in fact he’s almost grown out of some of them!) and I have just had a wardrobe reshuffle and moved him into all his 9-12 month clothes as well.

We still haven’t got any crawling but Toby can definitely move pretty much wherever he wants to just by rolling, spinning and shuffling backwards! He’s got doing a full 360 spin on his tummy down to a fine art now. He also gets up on his hands and knees on his own but just hasn’t quite figured out how to move his arms and legs so he moves forwards yet. He is much more stable sitting up now too – we’ve set up a little corner of cushions on his play mat so he can sit safely without falling backwards and banging his head (which has happened a couple of times when I’ve left him sitting unsupported – bad mummy!).

The two teeth which were just starting to make an appearance last month are now well and truly here although they haven’t been joined by any more yet. You can definitely see the top teeth and the other bottom ones sitting under the gum waiting to come through now though.

Despite only having two teeth Toby is doing really well on solids now. He has two meals a day with milk in between – usually porridge, toast or yogurt and cereal for breakfast and then for dinner he has whatever we had the night before. So far he’s had meatballs and pasta, chicken curry and rice, mince and tatties, Spanish omelette and last week he had his first pancake too! He eats anything we give him really – I can’t actually think of anything he has refused to eat so far. We are slowly finding our own way of weaning that is best for us – basically we are following the babyled weaning principal of Toby just eating the same food as us, but if he needs help to eat then we help him, whether that is by spoon feeding, or just helping him put things in his mouth. Having said that he is getting much better at picking things up and putting them in his mouth himself now – he surprised me yesterday by being able to pick up single Cheerios and get them in his mouth!

As far as sleep goes Toby is still a little star really! He has two naps a day, usually about an hour and a half to two hours each, and then bedtime is a 6 pm. He always goes to sleep on his own with no bother and most of the time he sleeps through until around 8 am, although maybe once a week he will wake up once for a feed during the night. All in all though his sleeping is great and we don’t have any complaints!

The last thing I want to mention in this month’s update is something I’ve already written about, but this month we took Toby on the swings at the park for the first time! He didn’t seem to enjoy it too much the first time but I think he was just a bit confused by the whole thing and there were lots of other bigger children running around being noisy. Today I took him to another, smaller park at the top of our road and as you can see from the photos I think he had a lot more fun this time! Let’s just hope spring has really sprung and we can get out even more in the lovely sunshine.

eight months old on the swing

Weaning (The Ordinary Moments #15)

Weaning eating clementine

It’s a another Ordinary Moment for this week’s link up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me.

We gave Toby his first solid food to try on Christmas Day. He was happy to play with it but not that interested in eating it. He was only five and a half months at the time so we weren’t really concerned. But then another month passed. Toby was still playing with the food. He could pick it up but still wasn’t interested in eating. We were trying to follow a baby-led weaning route but I have to confess there are some things that I have fed Toby using a spoon. I also started holding the finger foods for him and he would eat pretty much everything but he just wasn’t going to put things in his mouth by himself. This wasn’t just food either – Toby just wasn’t interested in putting anything in his mouth.

Weaning eating highchair

Fast forward another few weeks though and it’s all change. Toby now has two bottom teeth and when they started coming through he started trying to eat everything in sight (including the highchair tray!). He will pick up veg sticks, toast, sandwiches, fruit and put it into his mouth himself. He is getting better at getting a spoon in his mouth if I give it to him but still has a tendency to fling whatever is on it all over the place. It’s lovely to see Toby trying new foods – I usually save a bit of whatever we’ve had for dinner and give it to him for lunch the next day. He still pulls a face every time he puts something in his mouth, even if he likes it and even if he’s had it before! Sometimes he eats more than others, but I am learning to trust him to manage his own appetite.

Drinking from a sippy cup is still a work in progress. Toby is eager to put it in his mouth but hasn’t worked out that he needs to tip it to get the water in his mouth. And then when I tip it for him he gets water in his mouth but doesn’t always seem that keen on swallowing it! Still, just like the eating, I’m sure he’ll get it in his own time.

Weaning sippy cup

It seems my early worries were unfounded. Maybe we should have waited a little longer before starting the weaning process but now he’s got the hang of it there’s no stopping him!


mummy daddy me

Learning (The Ordinary Moments #14)

It’s a very Ordinary Moment for this week’s link up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me.

Learning {The Ordinary Moments}

For at least some of every day, Toby goes onto his play mat. Sometimes it’s while get some jobs done and he is just entertaining himself, or sometimes I sit with him and we play together. I try to change the toys he has out to play with every day or two so he gets plenty of variety and I love to just watch him concentrating and figuring things out. It’s amazing to see him develop, and seemingly so quickly. Every day he works out how to pick something else up, or how to move a bit more, or how to make a different noise. Every day he is learning more and more. I know some people are sad when they see their babies are growing and won’t be babies for much longer but I just love seeing Toby turn into a little boy. I can’t wait until he can sit himself up, and crawl, and pull himself onto his feet. I am well aware I might regret saying this once I have to chase him around the house, but for now I’m just enjoying every second and can’t wait to see what he does next!

Playing and learning

mummy daddy me