Living Arrows 12/52

We’re into week 12 of the Living Arrows project. If you haven’t been to the I Heart Snapping blog then I urge you to check it out. There are loads of great tips for improving your own photography as well as lots of inspirational photos to look at.

This week Toby is so close to properly crawling! I’ve said before he can get all over the place by rolling and wriggling.

Living Arrows 12/52

This week has definitely seen an improvement in his commando crawling – he can now go forwards as well as backwards. He has been getting up on his knees for a few weeks too but in the last day or so he started trying to move his legs. The funniest thing though has to be something I’ve only seen him do today – get up on his feet and hands. He looks like he’s practising his yoga poses…until he collapses in a heap on the floor!

Living Arrows 12/52

I’m sure it’s only a matter of days before he figures out what he needs to do with his arms and legs to really get moving. And then there’ll be no stopping him and we really will need to get a playpen!

5 thoughts on “Living Arrows 12/52

  1. It does sound like he is very close. If he’s anything like my baby there will be no stopping him once he does! She switched from commando style crawling to proper crawling one afternoon & never went back.

  2. Aww it’s not going to be long now before it all clicks! I know what you mean about the yoga poses – Elma has a fabulous downward dog at the moment as she tries to work out how to stand up by herself and it’s just so cute!

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