Cuddles (The Ordinary Moments #19)

Apart from when he was a tiny baby Toby hasn’t been into cuddles very much. He’s so nosy and interested in everything that’s going on around him that if you try and give him a cuddle he’s always turning and squirming, trying to see what’s going on behind him. He’ll sometimes sit on my knee and rest against me while we’re watching TV but usually he’s just desperate to get away and explore.

The last few weeks though Toby seems to have started to realise that cuddles can actually be quite nice! When I go in to get him up in the morning or after his naps he is usually on his tummy, pushing up on his arms, craning to see me coming in. If I go and put my arm under him and give him a cuddle that way he has actually started cuddling my arm back – it’s so cute!

Baby cuddles

And then, when I’m settling him down to go to sleep I usually put him up on my shoulder and he’s started snuggling his head in and even sometimes giving my shoulder a bit of a squeeze. And sometimes he just uses me as a ladder and tries to climb up over my shoulder! But you can’t have everything…

Anyway, I love these new cuddles with my baby boy (although they are very hard to capture on camera so apologies for the rubbish picture!). It’s so sweet and I’m looking forward to him working out just how awesome cuddles can be and wanting them even more often.

mummy daddy me

5 thoughts on “Cuddles (The Ordinary Moments #19)

  1. Cuddles are the best aren’t they? LL is so much cuddlier than Mads ever was so I am really relishing it this time round. They do go through stages though don’t they where they are too busy to need cuddles off Mummy! Love your new header too (it is new right?!) I normally read on my phone but am on the laptop this evening! x

  2. Ah cuddles are just the best ๐Ÿ™‚ if only I knew when my little boy was tiny that they’d become a rarity I’d have spent far longer cuddling him when he couldn’t complain lol x

  3. Oh that sounds like my little boy, took him several months to realise how great cuddles were, I remember he decided to give the consultant one at a hospital appointment. That’s a lovely photo of your cuddle.

  4. Haha, I recognise the ladder thing! M does that all the time (and still fools me with it sometimes), but he does also really love cuddles now. I remember the first time he cuddled back very clearly, thanks for the reminder ๐Ÿ™‚

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