Siblings // Toby and Gabe in June

This is going to be a very short post this month. If I’m really honest, with the chicken pox and everything else we’ve been dealing with in the month since my last Siblings project post there hasn’t been a huge amount of sibling love going on in our house. It’s been more about sibling competition for mummy’s attention and I think a bit of jealousy creeping in from Toby because I’ve had to spend so much time looking after poorly Gabe.

I haven’t even got any proper (well, posed) photos of Toby and Gabe together this month but I didn’t want to miss a post, and I thought this was a chance to record what my boys’ sibling relationship is really like at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some moments of affection. Like in this picture when Toby was trying to help Gabe get out from under the chair (I think!) even though he was perfectly capable of doing it by himself.

Toby giving Gabe a helping hand

Toby is quite tolerant of Gabe for the most part – even when he insists on grabbing Toby’s hair….still! I’m really hoping he’s going to grow out of this grabby phase soon.

No grabbing Gabe

And Gabe just wants to be wherever Toby is, doing whatever he’s doing, which of course isn’t always possible at the moment. Yesterday, Toby even resorted to shutting himself in Gabe’s playpen so he could get away from him. Actually, maybe I should try that one more often….

The wrong way round


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5 thoughts on “Siblings // Toby and Gabe in June

  1. Sometimes life just isn’t perfect is it. Those photos just don’t always happen. I seem to either get to the middle of the month with loads of photos of my siblings or none at all. I hope you have an easier month now that the Pox has run it’s course.

  2. Oh I love the roll reversal in the last photo – that’s just too funny! I hope they’re both over the pox now, it’s not fun for anyone and a huge relief when you’re back out of quarantine!

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